Hyper-V VHD Corrupted Or Unreadable Issue – Know How To Resolve

Hyper-V VHD Corrupted Or Unreadable

VHD stands for Virtual hard drive file that acts similarly like the normal hard disk file to store the valuable information on the Virtual environment. Like any other physical devices, the Virtual Hard disk file can also get corrupted. Which may lead to Inaccessibility of the Virtual hard disk file data. The problem arises when the user won’t be able to access the Virtual hard disk file on the Virtual machine. One such query related to VHD file corruption discussed below.

Consider the Following Scenario- VHD File Corruption Issue

“Hello everyone! I am a Virtual machine user. I am facing problem-related to Hyper-V VHD corrupted or unreadable issue. This VHD file contains my important files. Can anyone tell how to recover my crucial data from the Virtual hard disk file? Thanks in advance!”

How often do you use a Virtual machine? Do you use it regularly? Or if the above query seems to be familiar with you then you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss the Importance of Virtual machine, reasons of corruptions of the VHD file. And the best and ultimate solution to recover data from the VHD file. Keep reading here…

Importance of Virtual machine

A virtual machine is a software that acts like a computer system and runs on a host operating system. VM creates a guest operating system which you can run on a host operating system. On a single host computer system, the user can install one or more Virtual machines. Let us discuss the importance of Virtual machine first.

The virtual machine gives you various benefits such as:

  1. It allows testing new versions of operating systems.
  2. The user can test software on new platforms.
  3. It allows performing an experiment with other Operating systems.
  4. The user can run those software applications which is designed for other operating systems.
  5. It also allows using software applications which require an outdated operating system.

Reasons for Hyper-V VHD Corrupted Or Unreadable Problem

Sometimes it is not necessary to figure out the exact cause of VHD file corruption. In case if you wish to trace the actual reason then you have to go to the root cause of the problem. But still, the user must know the most common reason behind the VHD file corruption. So that the user can avoid them in the future. Here below we have discussed the most common reason of VHD file corruption.

  1. Virus infection– We know that no computer file is immune to corruption. The virus is also one of the most common reasons for VHD file corruption. It’s like a computer program that may infect the files and other application installed on the system.
  2. Errors due to antivirus programs– Antivirus are also responsible for corruption problems of VHD file. Antivirus or encryption program can interfere with the operations of the Virtual machine. So it is advised for the user to avoid installing antivirus or exclude virtual machine related directories from antivirus scan.
  3. Storage Media failure issues– We know that Virtual hard disk file act as an individual hard disk but its saved on the host computer system. If any hard disk file or storage media related error occurs then may cause the inaccessibility of the stored files including the Virtual hard disk files. And the user has to face Hyper-V VHD Corrupted or Unreadable issue.
  4. Forcefully System Shutdown– Whenever the user shutdown the running computer system forcefully or abruptly then it can damage both the software as well as the hardware devices. And the closing of Virtual machine improperly can also cause VHD file corruption error.

Note: There might be some others some other reasons as well of Hyper-V VHD Corrupted or Unreadable issue. In case if the user has a valid backup of the Virtual hard disk file then the user can easily restore from the backup. But in case there is no backup available then the user can use VHD Recovery Software.

Expert Solution To Solve Hyper-V VHD Corrupted Or Unreadable Issue

If the user wants to recover the data from the VHD file then the user can prefer VHD recovery software. This software is an ideal choice to recover the data from the VHD files from all types of corruption or inaccessibility issues. This VHD Recovery software is an efficiently recover the data from various types of corruptions issues for eg like hard disk crash, Virus attacks, and other reasons. For more info download the trial version of this software.

Here are the Most Amazing Features of This Software

  1. The software can recover data from corrupted, damaged and dismounted VHD partition.
  2. Recover VHD file data without installing any virtual environment.
  3. Recover (Shift+ deleted) Permanently deleted data from VHD file.
  4. Provide option to Scan and Recover any size Virtual hard disk file.
  5. Recover data from Dynamic as well as from Static VHD files.

Follow The Steps Below To Recover Data From The VHD Files

  1. Download and Install the VHD recovery Software.
  2. Browse and select the VHD file.
  3. Select the partition you want to recover.
  4. Select the Recovery mode from Quick Scan and Advance Scan and click OK.
  5. Preview the items stored in the VHD file.

Time to Conclude

While accessing the VHD files the user has to face the problem Hyper-V VHD corrupted or unreadable issue. From the above write up one can get the ideas if the Virtual hard disk file is corrupted then how to recover valuable data from it. We have discussed the various possible reasons for Virtual hard disk file corruption. And also the best possible way to recover data from VHD file by using VHD recovery software.