Top 5 Champions for Beginners in League of Legends


Do you want to play League of Legends and do not know which Champion is right for you? You have bought a lol account las but do not understand which character you need to deal with? Find out who are the best Champions to learn how to play LoL and find the character that will make you love this game.



Vastaya’s Monkey King is one of the most interesting Champions you’ll discover in League of Legends. Do not be fooled by its rugged appearance: Wukong is a ferocious warrior with unexpected talents. Wukong was mentored by Master Champion Yi and uses Wuju fighting art in his bouts. Its passive is Stone Skin, a skill that increases the Armor and Magic Resistance of this warrior. One of his best skills is the Decoy, which makes Wukong invisible for a short time. This ability can help you to escape from enemies or to initiate a surprise attack (especially if combined with the ability of Cloud Flare, a Physical Damage attack of up to 2 nearby enemies).



This is not a girl like the others. Annie is also known as the Dark Child and she has several skills that make her a very difficult enemy to face in battle. Annie is a frightening sorceress, able to make difficult the opponents’ game with Pyromania (her passive of stunning) or to destroy with fire all the enemies in the area. Magic Damage is with this girl, but it’s her stunning ability that makes her really popular. And how to forget her lethal skill called Summon: Tibbers? Tibbers is her teddy bear and Annie manages to bring her great friend to life. With this ability, Tibbers attacks and burns everyone who is close to her.



A man of honor and loyalty, Garen, is the right Champion for anyone who has always enjoyed playing as a warrior or soldier. A great choice for tank, Garen has life regeneration as a passive and his Armor and Magical Resistance increase passively with slaughter of his opponents. Judgment is a sinister ability, which causes the warrior to dance mortally with his sword, dealing damage and reducing the armor of enemies. His best skill is Demacian Justice, who can turn the game against the opposing Champion who has made more recent killings. With the power, Garen deals damage based on Life that his target has already lost.



Morgana is master of the black arts and will do anything to stop the advance of enemies. He is a specialist in causing Magical Damage, either by cursing an area with his Dreaded Solo ability or by firing black magic spheres that inflict damage and immobilize an enemy (Dark Link ability). Your Black Shield skill is useful for protecting your team members by placing a barrier that absorbs Magic Damage and prevents disarray. Morgana has Magic Vampirism and her passive reflects that the Champion heals when she deals damage with her abilities. The Fallen Angel shows his sensational ability to detain enemies with the Soul Shackles ability, trapping energetic currents on targets, dealing damage, reducing their Movement Speed ​​and stunning them.



Who wants to be friends with the damned Amumu? Condemned to spend eternity alone, this Champion is a tortured soul that has much to offer a new player. Amumu is a good choice for anyone who wants to play as a jungler, but he is also strong enough to turn a powerful tank. His attacks and abilities are varied as he is able to reduce the magical resistance of the targets with his passive, causing various types of damage, immobility and stunning with his bandages or causing the loss of a percentage of Maximum Life. One of his best skills is Chilique – who uses Amumu’s fury to deal damage and permanently reduce the Physical Damage he could receive.

Hopefully this article will help you to determine the best character in your game.