Know valuable Reason that Why the speed of your WiFi Network Drops

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When the network connection drops or break-down suddenly at certain times of the day, it becomes the most annoying situation ever and we tend to throw our networking device out of the house or in trash. The reason behind signal breakage or buffering is the interference caused by obstructions like metal appliances, electronic gadgets, or third-party Bluetooth, and WiFi devices. Most of the people do the mistake of borrowing third-party/ public WiFi and do the mistake of completing the process of Netgear ac1200 extender setup in it.

However, this procedure is to be done in a private place within the reach of router and the modem, away from exterior WiFi Devices or network. Moreover, you can try some of the precious below-given steps in order to configure the process of your extender setup successfully and in minutes.

  • As you know, using the latest version of devices is the smartest thinking ever. So, in the same case you just have to keep your router as well as the existing modem up-to-date. If they are not, consider updating them according to the latest technology. Always remember that this would be one of the annoying reasons for your WiFi fluctuation.

Note: Contact our Netgear experts on a toll-free number 1-888-927-2661 and have a word with them regarding the same situation given above.

  • Before plugging your devices into an electric wall socket, consider connecting them both with the help of an Ethernet cable (you can use any).
  • As soon as you see blinking lights on your device, grab another Ethernet cable and unite range extender with computer. Consider cleaning browsing history, cache, cookies, and the entire malicious files before launching a web browser. After cleaning all the malware from the browser shut your computer for a short while, waits for two minutes and then restart it again.
  • Now, go with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer (any) and type mywifiext into field of the address bar. In case you see an error message while login into the website, don’t panic and try using another web browser.
  • After that, NETGEAR Genie page will open. Follow the steps given on the screen to set up the extender.

Do you know why a Network Speed Slows Down

The interference of third-party, neighboring or daily home use devices that carry the same frequency is the main reason that causes the least poor connectivity of Internet range.

  • Avoid activation of Bluetooth speaker, metal appliances like microwave, mixer grinder, etc. before or after any process of installation.
  • Take your smart devices away out of the reach of neighboring electronic gadgets and wireless networking devices.
  • The malware that your devices and network are surrounded with.
  • Increase in downloading stuff from the Internet, continuously streaming of video, going online shopping, playing online games, etc.
  • Distance between modem, router, and the range extender.

Consider the following steps to boost up your WiFi Network

  • Disable all the smart devices when not in use.
  • Arrange and Schedule backups for your files, data, and large downloads when you are off to sleep.
  • Create a strong SSID (8 characters) and password (16 characters) in order to keep your networking devices away from unidentified people.
  • Also, protect your router with high-security password in order to keep neighbors, friends, and relatives away from using your bandwidth without your permission.
  • Be certain that you have the right login details to visit  for your Netgear Range Extender Setup.

If you do not have the login credentials, contact our Netgear experts immediately on a toll-free number mentioned above. In case you have those, then use it and complete the process successfully. Also, remember do not even think to change the login details before the process of New Extender Setup. Change them after you have done with all.