If You Are Planning To Build Your House And Confuse About Which Flooring Option You Go For


Vitrified from the word vitrify that refers to a glass like substance typically by exposure to heat. The glasses made of vitrification process are falls under this category. Vitrified tiles are famous for its capacity to absorb less water and for being stain resistant and the cost effective vitrified tiles price. There are various options available in the market today that we got confused in selecting them.

Variety and Properties:

This is a common dilemma for an Indian homeowner is to choose between the time honoured marble and very newer, equally famous popular vitrified tiles as the vitrified tiles are composed of a mixture of clay and other minerals like silica, quartz and feldspar baked at high temperatures these tiles have a low water absorption rate and are very durable. Vitrified tiles are man-made and thus come in a large variety of designs, colours, prints and textures. They can also be designed to simulate natural materials such as wood, bamboo and even marble that are suitable for both interiors and exteriors use and are available in glossy, matte and anti-skid finishes.


Vitrified tiles enhance the beauty of floors and walls and thus various options are available in the market and the tiles are often confusing the customer while making a selection. Vitrified tiles have their own set of advantages that are the reason why they are widely used that have a glassy texture.


They are relatively easy to clean and maintain and thanks to their non-porous nature, these tiles absorb very little water and therefore are resistant to most stains as we discussed that point before. Regular dusting and wiping is enough to keep your tiles gleaming and since vitrified tiles are readily available in standard sizes, broken tiles can be easily replaced with identical alternatives.

If you want your house look classy and fabulous, look nowhere and buy vitrified tiles form the best firm with the affordable vitrified tiles price.