Virtual Office Value – How the Virtual Office Can Save Time and Money


Working in urban centres can be an adventure for someone looking to spice up their environment with the diversity that comes with being employed in the city, especially London. With the number of financial districts, shopping, and tourist attractions, you could spend your lunch hour strolling through The Tower of London or having a good curry at one of the local eateries. Then, there is the traffic.

As with all cities, you might find yourself idling in traffic and if you are not used the roundabout, traffic annoyances can turn into real nightmares. Thanks to innovation, though, the virtual office has given many professionals the chance to escape the daily traffic grind. The virtual office, however, has additional benefits like cost savings and time.

To learn more about how a virtual office can save you money and time, continue reading below.


The virtual office works for remote workers, and while these teams can work from any location, most leasing companies provide virtual offices with a dedicated address and phone number. More importantly, these companies tend to sit on or near some of the most affluent financial districts in London. For the professional, the virtual office provides them with a business address in a prestigious location. To get a better idea of London virtual offices – Servcorp have some fantastic locations throughout the city.

For perspective, an office sitting in one of these areas would cost thousands yearly for someone to lease, in addition to paying for costs associated with operating the office. However, the virtual office reduces the amount a person would spend every month significantly because you only lease the use of space and office equipment, and on an as-needed basis. The virtual office, in essence, has made working in some of the most affluent urban centres accessible to businesses that might not have been able to afford these high-rent areas.

Start-Up Costs

Typically, with conventional office leasing, professionals could spend thousands in providing deposits (usually first month’s rent), first month’s rent, utilities, cable, phone, and sewage, in addition to purchasing furniture for the office. For a start-up, these costs can eat into your funding, but with the virtual office, your start-up costs are reduced significantly.

By virtue of the fact the virtual office operates primarily away from real space, the fact that you do not spend every day at the office, and the fact that all of the amenities are included in the bill, your initial start-up costs are a fraction of what you would pay with conventional leasing. Professionals also save time, as setting up these offices takes a matter of weeks to sign a lease and move in.


A receptionist is usually included with a virtual office leasing plan, which negates you having to spend time staffing a position for an 8-hour day, 7-day a week work week. With conventional leasing, at a minimum, you would need one employee to at least answer calls a complete light administrative work. The virtual office cuts out this cost completely, saving you money as well.

Commuting and Travel

Professionals employed through a virtual office save a lot of money and time in terms of commuting to and from work on a daily basis, not to mention saving money on wear and tear on their vehicle and the time wasted in traffic. There are also savings in terms of travel since the work can essentially be completed from any location around the world, which reduces the amount budgeted for travel.

A Virtual Value

The virtual office offers professionals a budget-friendly and time-saving alternative to traditional office lease. In searching for office space, experts say it takes nine months to secure space, and this at a minimum. The virtual office has discovered a way to make the online reality a virtual office space. As a result, professionals can take care of business in a way that allows maximising earnings through productivity more efficient and less costly ways.