Effective Tips To Help Reduce Your Opt Out / Unsubscribe List


Email marketing is gaining a lot of popularity these days and a number of business owners today choose this method to promote their services and products. Email marketing not only helps promote a business but also helps establish a brand. Using email marketing the right way can help a business in a number of ways, but using it the wrong way could lead to loosing readers. The most important point for any email marketer to remember is to maintain a clean opt in list for every email campaign they carry out. This list needs to be updated on a regular basis and should be cleaned with data matching software from time to time. An email campaign should always be short, clean and precise and should have a clear message which readers can understand.

Sending out emails to a list of people who have no interest in a particular service or product can lead to a huge number of people that unsubscribe, hence it is always essential to understand your database and the kind of services the users are interested in.

Keep Track Of Your Readers

The best way to reduce the people that unsubscribe from a campaign is to verify their email Id’s from time to time by conducting short surveys or asking them to sign up for newsletters from time to time. This practice also helps in figuring out which readers are still interested and helps you further engage them n a better manner.

Once you know which readers are interested in your emails, it helps you to engage them and convert them into potential clients for various business owners.

Great Content Goes A Long Way

Creating quality content and attractive emails is the most essential part of any email campaign. No product looks good without it being promoted the right way. A good email campaign can help in increasing a client list while a bad campaign can result in a large number of opt outs. The design and layout of an email is also crucial. The best email campaigns are small, informative and designed to load on computers, laptops and smart phones in a proper manner.

Surprise Your Readers

Get creative with your content in order to keep your readers engaged. Send them a mix of promotional emails, surveys, newsletters and offers to maintain the interest. The worst thing an email marketer could do is send out the same email campaign over and over again. Try to excite readers with your emails in the best way you can. Redesign emails and send them out to see which one gets the best response.

Experimenting with email campaigns helps an email marketer understand the audience and their needs. It also helps in figuring out which campaigns do well and which don’t. This practice helps in reducing opt out list and retains a number of lost customers too.

Split Email Campaigns

Another great way to analyze results is by splitting an email campaign between the readers. Trying out various subject lines and playing with the content and sending the campaigns to small groups helps you figure out the best email campaign and thus helps you get the most out of your efforts.

Email marketing trends keep changing and it’s impossible to master the perfect marketing skills, however understanding what your readers want and what they like to see can help in reducing you opt outs by a huge number.

Reduce Spamming

Everyone hates spammers and the number of people that go ahead and report emails on a daily basis is increasing. When this happens, the marketing company is no longer able to run any kind of marketing campaign with the help of emails. Since emails are the best way to communicate with your potential customers and redirect them to your website, losing the power to email customers is something that should never be lost. When you are not able to email customers, you will not be able to get your message across to your customer without calling them or even trying to target them via social media. This is something that is not feasible for every business because of the cost and resources involved.

Success Rate

With the help of the right email campaign, you will be able to convert non subscribers into regular subscribers. This can be done only when you play it smart and only target the people that are open to receiving your emails. The only way you can know this is with the help of companies such a data ladder. Data ladder will help you identify which email ID’s are valid and can be contacted for your marketing campaign. You can even make sure that you customize your emails for each and every customer and make sure that you send something to the customer that they are interested in. Not a lot of people have heard of behavioral advertising when it comes to email campaigns. However with the help of data ladder, you can now ensure that you go ahead and target the right kind of audience and if you have multiple products, you can send specific products such as iPhone and iPad to specific people.

Use Clean Data

When you are entering a critical phase of your business, you will want everything to be in place. Most businesses focus on their geographical target area, the age group, the gender and in some cases, even the professional groups. However, in selecting the target groups one thing that is ignored is the data. Businesses place their order based on these criteria and use whatever data is given to them. However, their marketing campaign fails because no one checked the authenticity of the data. This is where you need the expertise of data ladder. You will be told how much of the data can be used and whether you need to acquire more data or not. Not only will your campaign be successful, you will not end up wasting resources on anything ever again.