Finding a reliable movers is not an effortless job. In this fast changing world where number of people relocating multiples rapidly, moving services are the money making market and stay high in demand. Not all top moving companies can fulfill your requirements and so, one should know what is best and what is right for oneself. This is my complete guide on packers and movers for beginners.

Before you hire:

Having started to think about moving is not enough, the first thing you need to know, is what type of shifting service you need. Make a list of items needed to be relocated (household items, office equipment, machinery or vehicles). In case of moving to a different country or continent make sure you have proper documents of all your valuables and shipments. For international needs, decide the mode of transport (air, water or freight transport) convenient for you. Decide the date of relocation, a near week end dates would give you time to settle.

Selecting the right packers and movers:
  1. Choose a moving and packing service based on your city or country who have expertise and years of experience, as they can understand your needs better.
  2. Read the FAQs, it is more informative than the rest of the details.
  3. Compare the reviews and ratings.
  4. Make sure the shifting company is a verified one. If you are a bank employee hire an IBA (Indian Bank’s Association) approved transport operation for a quick transfer.
  5. Check whether the service provider has an original license or permit for transporting ( domestic, local, international or vehicle)
  6. Look into the transit insurance policy, what kind of risk do they cover and settlement claim details furnished by the relocation company.
  7. Ensure the packer mover renders a quality packaging at an affordable cost.
  8. Check for availability of shifting service’s warehouse or storage facility to hold your shipment.
  9. Don’t be deceived by the cheap price of some companies, it may contain hidden costs.
  10. Check if the transportation vehicle can provide weather protection for you things.
  11. Search for one with a transparent end to end process.


Preparations to be made:

 Before the moving week or day, cancel the milk, grocery, cable and other supplies. Make a to-do-list or checklist of things you may forget or to be taken care of before shifting. Shortlist the moving items, purge the unwanted stuff and made space for the packers to work. Donate the old clothing, toys and games. This is helpful for the packers and movers on their survey to get an idea. If you are packing things yourself, you need boxes, tapes, scissors, markers, packing ropes, cardboard covers and bubble wraps. Don’t pack your essentials first as you need them daily, start packing with things you rarely use. Handle your valuable like jewels and antiques yourself for a stress-free moving experience. Take a picture of the goods you think may likely to suffer damage while loading and unloading.

After you move:

Carefully inspect all your belongings for any damage and then sign the receipt. If you find a dent in refrigerator after signing it’s nearly impossible to claim for insurance as the receipt is the standing proof that your goods are intact while the service provider delivered them. Check for malfunctioning of appliances as there are plenty of chances for internal damage while shifting. It’s natural to feel exhausted and not comfortable, take time to settle down.

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