Moving is one hefty job. Isn’t that why we seek out for packers and movers? Unfortunately not all moving services are as professional and reliable, they could be all fingers and thumbs. Ever wondered why some of your house appliances malfunction after you move? Here are ten things your service providers don’t want you to know:

1.IBA approved transport operator:

The list of transport operators and moving services approved by Indian Bank’s Association as the reliable verified shifting companies. This list is for the confidential use and guidance of Member Banks, and not for the common people. If you are a bank employee you have benefit of accessing all details of this pre-approved list and can make a fast and safe transfer. But check for the code and validity of the approval.

2.Risks they cover:

Not all Movers and packers provide insurance that covers all damages occurred during packing, moving, loading, transporting and unloading. You have to carefully read the insurance policy of the shifting company as there are no insurance company involved as far as the customers concern. Another type is the Transit insurance which unlike the typical one does not include all damages, the mover’s liability coverage is different. Only the transportation damages are covered and it’s often nearly half of the total damage estimation. Transit insurance is issued by Insurance Company.How many of us really check our stuff before signing the receipt?. If you discover a dent in your refrigerator after signing, claiming an insurance is nearly impossible, as the receipt is the standing proof that the goods are intact when moving company delivered it.

3.Attention to FINE Details:

While going through the company’s information we often tend to ignore the quotations and consignment notes that contains terms and conditions. Read the fine details carefully for it may contain important information you needed to be aware of. It can help you choose a shifting company of your requirement.

4.Hidden charges:

We all are not new to hefty early repayment charges but the price tag that read between lines are new. Shifting companies often find ways to charge you, blaming GST is one of the many. Cheap price may be tempting an flattering but the hidden costs are ready to bite you in the back. Your service provider has a plenty of opportunities to squeeze those extra rupees,like accessorial services, packing charges, storage facility fee are some to name.

Hidden cost.

The relocation service showing up in the late business hour of the day is not a coincident. It’s a common tactic to arrive after business hour so that you could not book any other moving company. Sometimes, the movers give you lame reasons for not delivering the goods on scheduled time, just to charge you with ware house fee.When the driver of the transporting vehicle shows up in an unmarked rental vehicle, cancel the booking they might be an imposter or fraud.



These loopholes are not very hard to spot. Keeping all these in mind and check for yourself which is the reliable packers and movers. You can also click here to meet 197210+ top verified packers and movers and choose for yourself.You can also check Best movers and packers vs Right movers and packers