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Mahindra XUV500

The new Mahindra XUV500 launched in India. Read the full Mahindra XUV500 review below to find out more…

Ever since its debut in 2011, the Mahindra XUV500 has been a runaway success, becoming one of the top-sellers for the company. However, as the competition has not only increased in terms of generation upgrades but from new segment launches altogether, the XUV500 was slowly losing steam, evident by a strong decline in sales figures over the past year. So, Mahindra has launched a revamped, third-generation of the XUV500 to regain lost ground.

While the previous upgrade featured minor cosmetic changes while leaving major styling elements untouched, this one is a different story. While the original appeal of the car, the Cheetah-inspired looks continue to be the mainstay, changes have been made to the tailgate, headlights, alloy wheels and the front grille. The chrome bar-honeycomb grille has been replaced by a new mesh-grille with chrome studs littered in a neat layout. Also gone are the old, long tail lights replaced by sharper, shorter and wider units. The new W11 variant which sits at the top of the range now features dual-tone, 18-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels which enhance the sportiness of the car. The headlight shape remains the same but the elements within have undergone a rearrangement.

On the inside too, there are some discernible changes but they are only a part of the top W11 variant. This variant comes with an all-black interior featuring a piano-black finish centre console. The upholstery comprises of soft-touch, quilted leather seats and a general improvement on the quality of materials used inside the car.

Though the car still has the same 2.2-litre mHawk unit, it does have some tuning upgrades which have resulted in an increase of power output by 15 bhp and the torque figure now sits at 360 Nm, compared to the earlier 330 Nm. The additional horsepower and torque don’t make a huge difference in terms of outright speed, but the drivability has definitely improved. More surprisingly, the refinement of the powertrain is noteworthy. The only chink in the armour is the gearbox, as the gear changes are still notchy. A 140 bhp petrol engine option is also available on select variants.

The suspension setup has been left, more or less, the same as before – due to which it does a pretty good job of absorbing bumps and speed breakers. However, at high speeds, the steering feels a bit wayward. Also, while high-speed stability is appreciable, the vehicle does tend to wallow a bit. Braking performance is strong, however, bringing the XUV to a dead-stop from high speeds results in a sharp nosedive.

Overall, the new XUV500 still remains a capable car loaded with features. With new, refreshed looks it can still entice an ever-growing consumer base for SUVs and the Mahindra reliability will always be a lucrative factor for Indian car buyers.

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