Top Android Apps For College

Top Android Apps For College

Students heading to college in the fall may be spending time preparing by getting new clothes and textbooks, but why not check out smartphone apps at the same time? Smartphone apps for college students are often free or cheap, and they offer everything from boosting your vocabulary to increase your efficiency at school. The following are seven of the top college Android apps to download today.

Top Android Apps For College

MBA ToolKit:

At the low cost of $0.99, business students can use the MBA ToolKit application to stay connected with schools they have applied to. The application features Twitter feeds, blogs and more from the admission committees, as well as access to the Bloomberg Businessweek rankings.


Available for free, Bump offers a great way to make and keep new friends from campus. The application will transfer contact information, such as addresses and phone numbers, by holding the phones close, or “bumping” them. Hooking up a Facebook account allows to send an instant request for friendship when bumping phones as well.


A free application, Stanza aims to fix the way college students read on the iPhone. Over 100,000 different books and periodicals can be downloaded onto the phone, and the application can change the font size, page layout, line spacing, font color and paragraph justification all for making it easier to read on the phone.

Wi-Fi Finder:

As a college student, it’s important to be able to work on homework no matter where he goes. The free application Wi-Fi Finder pinpoints the nearest free Internet access available on a map or a list, and then it will share the location on Facebook, Twitter or email. This makes it useful to set up a group meeting for studying.


One thing that college demands are a good organization and this free application can help make it happen. A digital planner, this application helps students keep track of assignments by using a color coding system to display upcoming due dates. Simply download the application, enter the class schedule and any upcoming assignments, and it will notify the student when the deadline begins to creep in over the horizon.

Business Terms Collection:

Another free useful application for the business student, this application can help out remembering all of those terms that can be difficult to remember, such as a quality stock fund. The application features over 400 different definitions in the intuitive interface, which also keeps a history of the last terms one searched to easily refer back at any time. If a fellow friend cannot remember a term, a definition can be sent to him.


The last application on the list, which also happens to be free, is a tool that is designed for the college student to remember everything he needs to. Pictures can be taken, audio can be created, or the user can type in a text note, all of which are useful for saving brilliant ideas.

Anything that the user captures will then be indexed in a way that it can be searched again in the future after it is processed. Alternatively, a chronological list can be made of the notes or they can be grouped by the specific location that the user created them in. The notes can be pinned to a map or be set to thumbnails for scrolling. The user can even clip a Web page or take a screencap of whatever one found on the Internet.