Boarding schools are good for children


These days’ parents are keener to send their child to a boarding school. There are many reasons behind that. The first thing among them is that boarding school has a better academic curriculum as compared to any other day public schools and most people are aware of that now. Every parent wants to give their child the best when it comes to education. Hence, they prefer boarding schools.

Also, most people live in nuclear families these days.  Parents do not have much time to look after their children because they both go out for their jobs. Once they get back home, dead tired, they do not have any energy left to look after their child and take care of their studies and home works, they only get the weekends to spend quality time with them. For the entire week, maybe they have to leave their children alone or in the hands of a nanny. That is why; boarding schools are more preferable for the working parents than regular day schools.

Boarding schools are mostly located in the outskirts. Mostly they are away from the hustle and bustle of the city. One will find that the major boarding schools are mostly at the hill stations where they have their own huge compound and they have a peaceful area to offer to their students. One can check the Dehradun boarding school fees online.

The parents need to do a basic research before they send their child to a boarding school. Each boarding school has their own way of living and treating children. The parent should see where their child can be more adaptive. It is not necessary that every boarding school is good for your child. Also if one sends their child to a boarding school at a very early age then it is a very crucial decision for the parents to take. This is because; at that age, a child cannot decide on their own what is good for them and whether they want to be in a boarding school. But if parents are sending their child when they are at least 12- 13 years old then it is very important to ask them whether they want to go to a boarding school or not. Forcing them is not a very good idea.

But it is always advisable to send your child to a boarding school at an early age because at that age it becomes very easy for them to adapt the surroundings and lifestyles of a boarding school. Also making friends with other students is also easier at that age.

The fee structure of boarding school in Dehradun depends on a lot of things. It is not only about the academic fees that a boarding school takes. They are mostly residential schools and so the hostel fees along with food charges are also applicable here. Along with that, they take care of extracurricular activities as well. So all of these counts in the fees of a boarding school. So they are high.