Five best android video downloader app


With the latest version of Android, the OS competition is in the favor of Android. It is no doubt that the multimedia apps are some of the reasons that Android is arguably better than other OS. To some users, the availability of multimedia apps is synonymous with android success. Some of the breathtaking apps include the following.



There are tons of android apps for downloading videos but this particular app is unmatched. Videoder as an app is a trendsetter in many aspects when it comes to video downloading especially from YouTube as well as from popular sites. The app is undeniably unique in these ways.

First, the app gives the android user the chance to have videos from various sources compared to other apps that only permits videos from YouTube. Second, although the app has ads, one can opt out of an ads app and get the premium app option, which is, not only advanced but ads free. Third, the downloader has its own way of reviewing the video before download. Considering the fact that the app has a media player, the user is given the chance to see which video is worth downloading and which is not. While the app is not on the main app market, there are alternative links for downloading the apk version of the app.



The Snaptube is a one-stop shop for all downloading needs for any phone user. The developers understand the struggle people go through when they want to download video online and sometimes one has to have multiple apps just to do a simple downloading task. Fortunately, Snaptube is the remedy for all these issues. Apart from being a universal solution media downloader, which other features are available?

First, it is free. One does not need to pay any subscription to access the app or to download any media file. Second, although the app is free, it is ads free. Ads can interrupt a smooth downloading process and have an app that is free from ads is a plus. Thirdly, the developer built the app with its own players for an easy overview as well as an alternative player. Finally, the app gives you the chance to determine which media format you want. Unlike most apps, one can have to download any media format they want as opposed to the app dictating.


With the ability to download video and music from a variety of websites such as the traditional media websites and more advanced sites such as SoundCloud and VEVO, the InsTube is the game changer. The app has pushed the envelope farther in what a free app has to offer in terms of services and varieties. What are some of the other factors that make this app exceptional?

Firstly, InsTube is fast. There is nothing as frustrating than having a slow app when downloading video files. The speed aspect sets the app ahead of other similar apps in this video downloading category. Second, the InsTube gives you the chance to determine the definition of the videos you want to download. The quality of videos available for download includes lower HD as well as full HD. Third, InsTube gives the user the ability to protect the videos downloaded using a mechanism similar to locking. This privacy aspect is not common in many apps and being featured in a free app is exceptional.


VidMate by many downloaders is the ultimate choice.  With the fact that the app is free gives any phone user more reasons to have it. Music and movie collectors have used the app to add videos that are hard to download and this has made the app one of the few apps you cannot stay without. However, what are some of the more specific details why a new user should get the app?

First, the app has a wider scope of video sources. With more restrictions on the copyrights of the content available, the app still has a variety of videos available from primetime shows as well as movies sources for no payment. Second, the app offers downloads of videos in many different formats ranging from less HD to extremely HD. Third, the VidMate does not limit the user of=n how many videos they can download over a specific time.

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Compared to the above apps, NewPipe is relatively new. The newness, in this case, brings many advancements to the downloading world, which is breathtaking. First, the app is free and this sets it free from many versions available for sale but offers substandard work. Second, the new app does not have ads. This helps one to save data if they are on a data plan or even minimize distractions when downloading. Thirdly, NewPipe, unlike other similar apps, does not take much of phone’s space since it is very light. Finally, the downloading app has a media player; the user is given the chance to see which video is worth downloading and which does not.

The above apps are very different in the downloading options available as well as how they generally function. There may be issues to do with copyrights of each downloaded video or audio file but the general rule is to download the video or the audio only for personal use.