How AI Is Transforming Digital Marketing


Artificial Intelligence (AI), along with Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning, are widely discussed terms today, as they are transforming our world in several different ways. Whether it’s AI programs that can beat humans in games such as Chess and Go or programs that can run an entire plant, Artificial Intelligence signals the dawn of a new era when machines will have the power to think and act like humans and maybe even do better than us. The influence of Artificial Intelligence is also starting to be seen in the world of digital marketing. Businesses that can integrate AI in their digital marketing strategies can make significant gains in terms of boost How AI Is Transforming Digital Marketing
ngtheir brand identity and improving lead generation and customer acquisition. Here’s how.

Predict customer behavior: AI can crunch vast amounts of data to predict customer behavior. It can help identify customer groups that are likely to respond favorably to an offer or ad campaign. Digital marketers can use this information to deploy available resources at the right place and right time to get desired results. For example, AI can help marketers to display SUV ads to people who have already searched for SUV or related terms.

AMP web pages: Sometime back, Google introduced the AMP web pages that are lighter in comparison to conventional webpages. These allow faster page loads, so that users’ wait time is reduced significantly. Google is using AI to power its AMP webpage system and its getting better every day. Businesses that have AMP pages can significantly improve their ranking on Google search results pages.

AI chatbots: Why invest time and money in hiring call center professionals when AI-powered chatbots can do the same job? Some human intervention may still be required in certain cases, but the first layer of interaction could be AI-powered chatbots. These AI-powered chatbots can provide most of the basic information that customers may be looking for. For any complex issues, the conversation can be directed to a human customer support executive. AI-chatbots can work 24/7 without getting bored, tired, frustrated or angry. They can also collect information and create personalized offers for customers.

Personalized content: Creating the same landing page for thousands of customers was the standard until AI came into the picture. With AI powered tools, digital marketers can create personalized content for every user based on their demographics, location, device and past interactions and behavior. Email marketing and push notification can also be personalized in similar manner.

Last but not least, digital marketers also need to optimize their content as per voice search queries. Voice search now forms a significant percentage of the overall searches on Google and the voice search terms are very different from what one types on the Google search bar. Voice search queries are more conversational and they are looking for straight answers. Digital marketers need to optimize their content accordingly using AI powered tools to increase traffic and boost lead generation and customer acquisition.