How to get into the web content writing profile?

Contract jobs

Web content Writers create content, particularly for online uses. The digital media field is developing a new technology drive clients to the Web, however, these sorts of content writers can confront a great competition for acquiring positions. They generally work as a freelancer and may also work for the company on a contract basis. For this, a professional holds bachelor’s degree in reporting, English or communications. They should be comfortable in writing about any topics for the Web and their content should be unique and attractive.

Skills required for the web content writer:

  1. Research well for creating a good content: You can make a good content only if you have done a great research on it. So it is very important to find some data on which you can trust and information from any reliable source.
  2. The ability to get focused: the most important characteristic while writing is to be focused. Sometimes the focus is hard to find. We have many problems which can distract our mind while we are working. We should keep our mind distraction free while working and always try to start with small projects and try to have a complete focus on them.
  3. Time management: Your clients have due dates which they have to meet. Delivering them best contents that too on time will not only tell that you are professionals but also reliable. So time management is the key to be a successful content writer.
  4. Perform some more editing: First drafts are rarely perfect. You have to rewrite whatever you have written as many times as possible. The key features for editing are patience and discipline. You also need to have a sharp view to see the details. Always try to have a look at the grammar, punctuations, and spelling. People generally spend more time on editing than writing.
  5. Presentation skills: You must possess this skill if you want to be a good content writer. A very good content is also of no use if the readers don’t find it attractive for reading. You must present the content in such a way that it forces people to read it.
  6. Impeccable proofreading skill: Only those who are competent proof-reader can be a great content writer. Proofreading includes checking grammatical mistakes such as Spellings, jumbled words, and incorrect phrases. You should have a sharp sight to catch all the mistakes in the content. A great content writer is the one who can polish the content until it becomes 100% error free.


Salary of a content writer:  An average salary of a content writer is around S$30,000 per year. However, it may vary from the size of the organization.


If you are looking forward to building your career in this field, then you should know that the contract jobs are not permanent as it has a certain fixed date. Somehow it is good for this profession as they have many opportunities to work for. There are many contract jobs vacancies for content writing in Singapore. For more details, you can rely on the job portal Monster Singapore where you can get various jobs regarding your profile. So, upload your updated resume on the website and apply now.