The Best Free iPhone Apps


Want to get the best out of your iPhone without spending a fortune? There are lots of high-quality free apps out there to help you, here’s our guide to some of the best around at the moment.

Pages is a free word processor for your iPhone. With it, you can not only create on your phone but thanks to cloud sync you can also open whatever you have created on a Mac or iPad. Documents can also be exported in a range of formats such as Microsoft Word or PDF.

Oak – Meditation and Breathing
Feeling stressed? This free app will help you achieve a zen-like state with a range of breathing exercises and meditations.

Transform your soul-sucking to-do list into a game with the Habitica app. Hit your goals and power up your little on-screen avatar. Productivity has never been so much fun!

Sweat Deck
Use the Sweat Deck app to change up your workout. The app re-imagines exercises as a deck of cards, assign your exercises to the different suits and then shuffle to find out what exercise to do and how many reps.

A travel guide with information on destinations from major cities to villages. Here you will find information on attractions, bars and restaurants, hotels and city walks. As a bonus, it will also work offline, so it’s a great choice if you find yourself travelling in an area with high data charges.

Adobe Photoshop Fix
Adobe Photoshop Fix can be used to retouch and restore photos on your iPhone. It features a straightforward interface and all the tools you would expect such as defocus, vignette and colour tools. Where it stands out above other similar apps is with its Liquify feature which allows you to make changes ranging from subtle to drastic.

Become a virtual character with Facerig, simply select your character from a wide range featuring everything from a talking hamburger to manga type characters and then choose your background and the app does everything else for you.

For football fans, Onefootball is an easy way to keep track of your favourite teams. It’s quick and easy to set up, just choose your favourites and allow the app to send you notifications.

Quik provides a fast and easy way of editing your home movies, select your videos and photos and, once you have chosen a style the app will automate the whole process for you.

Overcast aims to improve your experience listening to podcasts. With all the features you would expect such as subscriptions and download or streaming options and also voice boost for improving the clarity of speech and smart speed which aims to shorten those annoying silences.

Todo Movies 4
Keep up to date on your watch list with Todo Movies 4. With features to help you discover new movies, watch trailers and add films to your ‘watched’ list once you have seen them, this is a popular choice for film fans.