The 5 Best hacking apps for games


Are you tired of playing games and loosing or better yet, you constantly receive annoying advertisements, well we got a secret recipe for you. Nowadays, almost every app that gets developed comes with adverts that take the fun away from the game. With this trend, users have felt the urge to quit playing games and others choosing to play games on pro version where they pay a small price so long as they don’t get bothered with ads. Well, below we have sort out some free cheat apps that will help you overcome this challenge.

Lucky Patcher –

It is one of the popular Android apps for the rooted device. If your device was root then you will get lots of advantage using lucky patcher original. You can also move your android internal storage app data to SD card, Block android ads, bypass game level and more. This is a free android app, so if you want to download this app, just follow this link.

 Hack App Data

This is a revolutionary free app that works only on Android devices by editing data saved by games on their internal storage. Once given admin privileges, it can modify your game scores to make them the highest and also manipulate memory for some rooted android devices. Additionally, this app will only work if you have rooted your device.


Cheatdroid is one of the best apps on the market that is free, and as the name suggests, it works only on Android devices. This game requires admin privileges for it to hack your games of choice. It gives you unlimited access to coins and money by manipulating installed data. Its greatest feature that endears it among Android users is the fact that it lets you hack into games where you forgot their passwords. It is worthy to note that this app only works on Android devices.

Game Killer

This creative app has enormous functions which can only be fully accessed on devices which are rooted. The game killer is a free app that works on android devices by inserting a background code while you are playing the game. This background code lets you modify any values you wish.

SB Game Hacker

SB game hacker is a powerful tool that works on many games including online games such as the clash of the Titans. One feature that endears users to this app is the fact that it can hack games and manipulate different aspects such as stamina; furthermore, this app lets you operate through games without ads disturbing or popping up while you were enjoying a session with your favorite game. Additionally, this app is available on both platforms(IOS and Android), and it will require you to root your android device.

Game Guardian

This app lets you modify android video game content by injecting a code during runtime; this code once injected; it lets you take advantage of any game of choice illegally. Once you open a game and maybe you had only one life left, you can open this app and select the hexadecimal editor of this app and change the number of lives left.


With the development of many gaming apps, it is essential to know several hacking tips that will help you access unlimited resources such as coins, stamina or lives. It is important to note that most of these apps mentioned above rely on rooting your device, and while rooting is recommended its worthy to note that it can expose your device to some security lapses. There are many apps that are available on the market, and any choice that you make will depend on your preference and your device. We hope that with the few mentioned apps we have helped you narrow down to a few choices.