6 Ways to Increase Your Gaming Comfort

serious gamers

Serious gamers spend a lot of money on gear to improve their gaming experience. For PC gamers, this is often limited to performance upgrades. A faster CPU, a more powerful graphics card, a more precise mouse, a mechanical keyboard. But many gamers usually pay scant attention to ergonomics. Usually ergonomics and comfort go hand in hand, but it’s amazing how often hours can go by while gaming before you realize that you’re actually really uncomfortable. Younger gamers may recover from gaming-induced pain quite quickly with a bit of rest. Older gamers, though, need to be more cautious to ensure that their fun pastime isn’t cut short by poor posture and ergonomics.

Game longer without pain

The easiest and cheapest solution for preventing gaming pain is to take frequent breaks. But this isn’t always an option. When you’re in the middle of an online CounterStrike or Dota 2 game with your team, you can’t exactly leave the action whenever you feel like it. Here’s where ergonomics can save the day. On the other hand, if you’ve been playing “just one more turn” in Civilization for the last five hours, or you’ve been traveling through Skyrim from dinner to dawn without changing position, ergonomics alone may not be enough. Nevertheless, here are some things you can do to increase your gaming comfort.

Get a gaming chair
A good ergonomic office chair can make the world of difference to your gaming comfort, especially for PC gamers. But the problem with office chairs is that they look kind of boring and officey. You need something with more style to match your tricked-out rig. You don’t want to have your dad’s kind of chair detracting from your case lighting and RGB backlit keyboard. You need a gaming chair instead. They offer superb ergonomics, and often include extra removable lumbar and neck pillows. They also look kickass.

Use an ergonomic mouse
Most mice are ergonomic nowadays, but strangely, this isn’t always the case with gaming mice. Quite often more emphasis is placed on aggressive styling than comfort. Some entry-level ones are also often too small for big hands. But this is often only a concern for gamers using a palm grip. Claw grip or fingertip grip players won’t really care. But if you do want to palm your mouse, a bigger one is great. It also helps if you have all the buttons within easy reach of your fingers.

Try a gamepad
PC gamers usually see gamepads as an abomination best left to lowly console users. But sometimes a keyboard and mouse is just not a great control method. Platformers, for instance, are much more fun with a gamepad. And why would you sacrifice fun for honor?

Move to the couch
If you are already sold on the idea of using a gamepad, the next step is to move away from your desk. In fact, you can keep moving all the way to the couch. And couches are comfortable, as any Netflix binge-watcher would know. Steam even has a Big Picture mode suitable for couch gaming. So, if the biggest platform for PC games endorses gaming from your couch, you should try it.