How do you plan on socializing the future year? How do you plan on reaching to your target audience, who will be socializing with whom? By default, we underestimate how our lives will change in near future.

We tend to think of next year as ending more or less the same as this year. Additionally, we tend to underestimate the progress of technology, at least on a smaller scale.

That’s because our favorite social media apps lean to roll out updates on a nearly constant basis, changing little slightly but frequently. But social media is evolving, constantly, and in 2018, there are going to be a handful of highly important trends order how that evolution unfolds. Just become a social media superhero through SocialShop.co, as they boost your social presence at their best.

The following trends show little sign of slowing up in 2018. Have a look at following five core factors that will impact how businesses will use social media in the year ahead:


  • Goodbye Free Reach on Social Media:

For years, company’s organic attain on Facebook has been dwindling, dipping as low as 2%. Now it seems Facebook may finally kill organic reach on the News Feed entirely. This fall, the network rolled out a new “Explore Feed,” a kind of second-class stream just for company renovation. Testing has already been started in some countries to banish all company social affixes from the all-important (and increasingly crowded) News Feed over to Explore.

Unless, of course, you have to pony up. This latest evolution tells us that Facebook has now become a paid platform for companies. To contact an audience via the News Feed—any audience, at all—it’s going to cost you. Making this point clear that today 51% of companies struggle with lack of a social media ads budget and this may turn out to be a harsh wake-up call in 2018.

  • Make more videos.

It doesn’t take a crystal ball to see that video is the future, not just of social media but of the Internet in common. By 2018, Cisco forecasts that 82% of all consumer Internet traffic will be video. Live and recorded video and video advertisements increasingly taking over our feeds across Facebook and Snapchat and are surging on Instagram, Twitter and even LinkedIn. Nearly half of the businesses have already implemented social videos, with another 26% planning to execute in 2018.

  • Live streaming will continue its explosive rise in popularity.

You could make the quarrel that live streaming took over in 2017; about 80 percent of consumers would prefer to watch a live video from a brand than reading a blog, and 82 percent would favor live video to written social media updates. Live streaming statistics exploded in the year 2017, thanks in part to all the social platforms and other companies supporting this format. But 2018 will be an even grand year, now that both audiences and brands have settled into the style. This is no longer a cool new way to interact with audiences—it’s an expectation for your brand.

  • Local and personal experiences will sharply increase in popularity.

2018 will be a year for more local and personal experiences. With Google putting a higher emphasis on search results for local companies, and online consumers wanting more local, interpersonal interactions, An increase in the number of local business owners reaching out to individuals, and doing more to engage with their respective communities is expected. This is going to be a huge benefit for both entrepreneurs and consumers, as well as for the communities in which they reside.

The simplest prediction of all for 2018 is ‘change’.  Social media tools and tactics will continue to evolve at a breakneck pace in the year ahead. Watch for plenty of new features, new ad tools and brand new cool ways to watch videos. The more upgraded your campaign is, the better chances you’ll have at connecting with your audience, making prominent yourself in the crowd .