Writing assignments can be overwhelming for students especially when you have to tackle volumes of papers from different tutors. In such cases it is crucial to start early enough. Planning, researching and finally writing should not be hurriedly done. Here are some tips to help you tackle assignments and make it an enjoyable experience British Essay Writers:

(a) Plan: This will assist you in being attentive to what the assignment requires. It is important to note the how significant the assignment will be to the final percentage of you marks. Using this, you can then apportion time. Carefully read and understand the instructions in order to know what the tutor demands from you. This will give you an idea of how to structure the assignment. Have a checklist what you’ll need to complete the assignment and give each task idea a timeline.

(b) Study the question: This is the most fundamental stage of writing. You must read and understand the question. Failure to do so is a recipe for disaster. Take your time and carefully know what the question requires from you. Do a self-assessment and apply the following simple questions;

  • What is the subject about?
  • What does it mean?
  • What is required of me?

Try rewriting it in your own words then evaluate the question by checking for directive words such as compare, evaluate, review.

(c) Outline: This will help you to structure your work and in essence give you a road map to follow when writing your assignment. The drafted outline can be divided into several sub topics.

(d) Research: This is an information finding exercise. It gives ideas on your topic and enables you to search for appropriate, reliable and concrete materials to answer the assignment question. Check for relevant books in the library and credible online sources. You can also consult professionals in the area of study. Assess the information to confirm that it will answer the assignment question.

(e) Write: You now have the materials you need. This is the point of compiling them into meaningful work. First, write a draft using your outline. Fill the subtopics with the important information. Freely note down your ideas using the correct assignment structure. If it’s an essay, adopt the simple structure by writing the introduction then transition to the body, and finally the conclusion. The next step is to revise the first draft to ensure that it is understandable. Check the sentences and choice of words and make your work clean.

(f) Edit and proofread: Improving the assignment is the final part of writing. Editing entails looking at the assignment with a critical eye in order to make it precise. Ask yourself:

  • Have you answered the question? Check the instructions again.
  • Does the structure flow? Ensure that the sentence structure is appropriate and all the relevant parts have been included.

Proofreading will improve the quality of the final work. Check for missed words, grammatical and spelling errors. Give your assignment a finishing touch.