Since it is the digital era where almost everyone has a mobile phone, the chances of marketing a business via a mobile phone have increased to a great extent. Most of the people always keep their phone with them that makes it easier for the businesses to stay in touch with the audience. This is the reason that the SMS marketing is an incredibly powerful technique to take any business to the great heights. According to some survey, it has been studied that people open the messages more often as compared to the emails because you always need an internet connection to open the emails. Though SMS marketing brings a plenty of benefits, you should be aware of several pitfalls that may take you away from SMS marketing success. Ensure to know about the mistakes that no SMS marketing company should make while creating SMS marketing campaign.

Here are some of the mistakes you should avoid while creating an SMS marketing campaign:

  1. Inappropriate call to action:

When it comes to understanding the SMS marketing strategy, one should not skip to understand the strategy of Call to Action that is the heart of any SMS marketing campaign. To leave a great impression on the customers or targeted audience, you have to create a text that forces the audience to avail your products or services. For example, inviting your customers to avail a discount on the meal, enjoy free gifts on shopping for more than 5000 bucks, and much more. Creating a weak Call to Action may degrade the value of your text message. Make sure to make use of an appropriate, appealing, and concise CTA in a text message to be sent to the targeted audience.

  1. Sending messages at the wrong time:

It hardly matters when do you send an email to the targeted audience, but it is really important to send the text messages at the right time. People often open the text messages right away, therefore, there is a need to consider at what time you are sending a message to anyone. Sending a message at midnight or early in the morning may annoy the customers and so they would no more be interested in reading your messages. Therefore, avoid sending messages at a wrong time.

  1. Sending too many messages at the same time:

Many of the SMS marketers believe that sending a message every day or more frequently can be highly effective for your business, but it is not true at all. There is no doubt that the open rate for text messages is 90%, but it does not mean you should start annoying your customers or targeted audience by sending messages frequently. To get an effective response, you should ensure to limit yourself to 1-2 messages per week.

In order to maximize the efficiency of your SMS marketing campaign, make sure to avoid the mistakes discussed above in the write-up. To get the bulk SMS services, ensure to consult My SMS World that is the most renowned Bulk SMS Company in Delhi and well-known for offering out-of-the-box SMS marketing services

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