Bulk SMS Service:

Bulk SMS service is a standout among the most profitable marketing services out there.

This enables your organization to interface specifically with your clients or the audience. It provides SMS transaction and marketing with a 2-way correspondence.

With Bulk SMS, you can send a similar message immediately to a lot of clients at once.

Bulk SMS is commonly used by financial enterprises and media companies for several reasons:

  • Updates and Alerts
  • Promotions and Entertainment
  • Customer Service

In short, bulk SMS gives you the chance to convey SMS messages to many handsets at a time.

SMS Service:

SMS service is sending a text message from one phone to another. It’s simply like talking with your companion through text messages.

Recipients mobile is shown on in the contact list if it’s saved. An answer back to a similar number is always available.

Most SMS sent through are transacted and considered value based. They may have diverse rates for Local and STD SMS depending upon the telecommunication service. All messages are sent from one cell to another.

What You Should Opt:


SMS service is a really good solution for regular use. Particularly, in light of the fact that there is no restriction on the number of messages, you can send and they are charged on very low rates. Every company has its own rates depending on the package but they are mostly low. To finish up, SMS are exceptionally famous among young people since they are private, unique and cost-effective.

SMS is as yet the most common service to every single cell phone. It’s not at all like social applications which require web to work and certain app-store learning to discover and download a particular social app.

Currently, social messaging applications are more typical among the tech-savvy individuals, while SMS is common among all the people who own cell phones.


From a business perspective, SMS or messaging applications are not all that helpful since none of them empowers sending messages in a bulk. Bulk SMS is typically used to either contact a wide crowd for advertising reasons, or for particular clients and audience with customized SMS content.

The principle advantage Bulk SMS API PHP has over any other applications is that it is a developed technology, used by over billions of individuals.  People who are aware of this service are very comfortable with it and always open to using it.

This is also the particular reason why brands, retailers and a wide range of various enterprises are choosing to utilize bulk SMS to direct their marketing efforts and promote their items and services.

Bulk SMS provider companies like BroadNet offer a wide range of SMS bundles keeping in mind all the needs of the advertisers. The outreach is boundless on the grounds that there is no limit to the number of messages an advertiser can send to its intended audience or clients Read More.