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Some vehicles in the different groups are faster than others. For example, the Renault Megane (GR. 4) was the fastest for some time, because it accelerated fastest after the corners. Since the last update, the BMW M4 has been one of the fastest cars in the group 4, while other cars that were quite over-powered are the VW Scirocco and the VW Beetle. Unfortunately, a Ferrari, Bugatti or Lamborghini can’t keep up with that.

Here’s how to find out: Before you take part in an online race you can do qualifying laps. You can also check out the best list there. Go to the world’s top 10 and see which vehicle has been used. Quickly it becomes clear that a specific vehicle dominates the leaderboard. You should also use this vehicle because obviously, it is the easiest and fastest way to drive on this track.

Put the TKS down

The traction control system is designed to keep the tires from spinning when you accelerate. Sounds good, but also has its disadvantages. For example, you are slower when accelerating after a curve. Usually, the TKS is set to 3, which is ideal for beginners. But if you have more control over your vehicle, you should lower the TKS as far as possible. You’ll notice a difference. Skillfully learns to accelerate. If you have a steering wheel and pedals, it will be easier. With the Dualshock 4, you should definitely use R2 instead of the classic X button because this gives you much more control over the acceleration and traction of your vehicle.

Learn your competitors by heart

race-screen-from-gt-sport-gameThis may sound a bit elaborate, but it can save you a lot of time and in the best case even win. Already in the first few rounds, you should quickly recognize who is an evildoer and who follows the fair play guidelines. If you see in the race that a certain driver mercilessly pushes everyone away or deliberately obstructs, then you should skillfully avoid this driver. Don’t be too hasty and don’t overtake in or in front of the curve, because you might just be driven away or pushed out of the curve. A crash or spin should be avoided in any case, as it not only damages your sportsmanship rating (SW) but can also cost you some positions. So try to avoid the troublemakers.

A pit stop is not absolutely necessary

Until now there has not been an online race where a pit stop was really necessary. During the race, you can adjust how much fuel you want to give. Whether it’s full or lean. Here you can also see how long you can stay in the race with your driving style and tank load without refueling. If you set the setting to 5, your car will be slower, but you will save a lot of fuel and avoid a pit stop. Check out how many laps are left and adjust the slider to fit the race and you can finish the race without pit stops. This saves you a lot of time and gives you an enormous advantage. You are slower at the beginning, but in the end, you will easily save 15-20 seconds and be faster than the other riders.

Preparation is everything

Take your time and do some qualifying laps. Improve yourselves and your driving style as much as possible. Get to know the behavior of your vehicle. Some vehicles are easier to steer around bends, but others are heavier. Some vehicles often oversteer or understeer, others less so. Master your vehicle and learn to use it. Learn the route and its pitfalls by heart. On each track, there are key points where you can be faster than the other riders. Check out the repetitions of the top 10 in the best list. Watch what they do differently from you. At what time do they break? How much km/h do they slow down before going into the bend? When and how do they turn? Do they break or just let the vehicle roll? Study the driving styles of the best drivers and apply them yourself.


Always trying to get the pole position – or at least rank 3

You may have noticed that the riders who started from 1st to 3rd place often win the race. That’s the way it is. These places have the advantage not only that they start much further ahead, but also that the chance that they will be rammed away after the first corner is very low. Meanwhile, the lower drivers are interfering with each other and lose precious time. Eventually, the lead over the first three places will be enormous. If you have already started from the pole position you will have noticed it. So you should try to get into the top 3 as often as possible or you should try to reach the pole position.

Concentrate on yourself

This is very helpful if you are among the top three places. Don’t look too often in the rearview mirror or links to times, but focus on yourself and the track. The more unconcentrated and nervous you are, the faster mistakes happen. Even a small mistake in Gran Turismo Sport can cost you precious seconds or even win. Withstand the pressure and focus on yourself

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