Photolemur: Automatic Photo Enhancement Software


Photolemur is a photo enhancer software that comes with a one touch photo correction technology. As advertised, it is powered by an efficient AI that provides your pictures with 11 types of corrections to deliver a truly astounding result.

Depending on the picture that has been provided, the app can make changes like, noise reduction, raw file processing, sky enhancement, smart dehaze, tint perfection, natural light correction, JPG fix, as well as color recovery, exposure compensation, face retouching, and foliage enhancement.

If you currently like what you read, then here is an in-depth read to what the software has to offer:

Photolemur: How to Use

The program has a very simple user interface that boasts a simple dialog box providing instructions to drag and drop your desired photo here. There is also an option below- “Import” which will let you use a file picker to select the desired image.

You have the option to import one(free version) or many(paid version) images onto this area and once you are done, a second interface will open up displaying all your images as thumbnails

All you have to do to get the software start “doing magic” is to click on the thumbnail and wait. There is also the option for bulk image optimization as well. After the optimization process is completed, you will be shown the selected image in a window with a before-and-after bisecting line.

And this is basically all that needs to be done.

Photolemur: Features

All the areas where Photolemur provides its automatic enhancements have already been stated. However, upon extensive use with Photolemur, you might conclude, that bad and good photos don’t generally go through that much correction. Regardless, a change is noticeable with the pictures, and the change is an improvement. Its sharpening and color saturating efforts are mostly distinguishable.

Now once you are done optimizing your images, there are internal options to let you export the tweaked images to your disk, or to your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

But there are some limitations here, regardless of whether you’re using the paid or free version. For starters, you won’t be able to rename the optimized image, and secondly, there is only option to upload the pic to your Facebook timeline, and include it in your direct messages. Also, the lack of Instagram integration is rather disappointing as it is one the premier image sharing social media platform.

Photolemur: Pricing

All you need to get started with Photolemur is just provide your email ID, download the software, install it, and its ready for usage. However, with this free version, you are limited to exporting one image at a time, which will also be subjected to watermarks. However, there is no limitation feature-wise with the free version.

If you decide that you like the software, then you can purchase $30. It is available on both Windows and Mac platforms. On Windows, it is available as a win32 program and is compatible with Windows 8 and higher versions. For Mac users, you can use the program if you are running macOS Sierra read more.