Samsung as a brand is asynonym of trust and innovation. It is globally known and recognized for its quality products and new technological advancements in its field. Samsung offers many types of electronics products and services. Started by making electronic cards they have made featured phones, Smartphones, LED TVs, Smart Refrigerators, Smartwatches and other electronic accessories and products. In the electronics industry, Samsung is known for its quality products, Advance technology, and the best after-sales services. Samsung is one of the most trusted and accepted brands and offers an edge over the other brands due to its credibility it has built over the years and its strong presence in the global market.

  1. Galaxy S8+

Samsung’s Galaxy series is one of the best selling and most awaited smartphone series that has been launched to date. Samsung’s new phone to this series S8+ is the world’s first smartphone that offers a 6.2-inch infinity screen. Besides the new infinity screen, the phone also offers many stunning features. S8+ has a great design and it feels really a premium device in hands. The phone comes with Android 7.0, with a  4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage, powered by Snapdragon 835/Exynos 8895 processor with Bluetooth 5.0, 3500 mAh battery and a USB C type for an adaptive fast Charging.The rear camera of the phone is a 12-megapixel sensor with a f/1.7 aperture and Dual Pixels. The device includes all the necessary sensors that are used in various apps and games. The device offers a great deal when it is used with the Samsung VR providing awesome 3D experience

The best feature of the phone still remains its design and screen which offers a really good and immersiveexperience while watching videos on it. The phone is also really fast and gives the best in class performance when it comes to playing heavy games and multitasking, also coupled with fast charging it proves to be a good package overall.

The Galaxy S8+ can be purchased online at Flipkart and Amazon. The phone is priced at the price of Rs.58,990 on both the websites and is available in many colors ranging from Orchid Grey, Midnight Black, Coral Blue to choose from.


  • Lightening fast processor Snapdragon 835
  • Best design and Screen on any phone
  • Camera is good for low lights
  • Great Software experience
  • Fast and Wireless charging enabled
  1. QLED Samsung Innovation

Just when the people started thinking that what can be the future of  TV’s and how can they be improved further, now here comes the new innovation from Samsung a QLED TV. The Q in the name stands for Quantum dots technology used in making the TV screen that produces a wide range of colors with more of the brightness and contrast that makes the view of high dynamic range (HDR) quality. The design of this TV is very futuristic with minimal wire requirements as all the connections are kept out in a separate box that is connected to the TV with a nearly transparent fiber optic cable. The connection box looks great besides having four HDMI 2.0 ports, three USBs,and an integrated Wifi.

The minimal cabling, lovely industrial design and Ultra high brightness levels provided by quantum dots technology are one of the main features of the QLED TV to look for and brag about it.

Samsung’s QlED TV comes in different sizes and can be purchased from Flipkart and Amazon India. The 65 inches 4K ultra HD TV is priced at Rs.3,81,300 on Amazon Indiawhile the Ultra HD curved QLED Tv is priced at Rs.4,22,999 on Flipkart read more.