Monster Hunter World: How to Get the Ryu Gear Set


Monster Hunter World players on PS4 who have a Street Fighter 5 save on their system can now unlock gear based on Street Fighter hero Ryu until March 1. However, doing so isn’t quite as straight-forward as the other crossover events in the game.

Instead of going to the regular quest board to unlock the Ryu armor in Monster Hunter World, players need to go to the Arena Quest Board in the Gathering Hub. The Gathering Hub, for those that haven’t visited it yet, is located on the top level of the headquarters, and is an area where players can mingle with other players that have joined their online session.

The quest itself is called Down the Dark, Muddy Path, and all it entails is killing a Barroth with either Dual Blades, Greatsword, Gunlance, Hammer, or Heavy Bowgun weapons, with a Hunter Rank requirement of 3 or higher. However, players can’t just do the quest once and expect to obtain the full armor set. Every time the quest is completed, players will obtain a Street Fighter 5 Ticket, and they need seven tickets to build the full armor set. The tickets can be taken to the smithy in exchange for the armor.

As previously stated, this quest will be available until March 1. Eventually, it will be replaced by another Street Fighter-related event quest, which will allow players to unlock armor based on Sakura. In the meantime, Xbox One and PS4 players who haven’t played Street Fighter 5 can expect the Ryu quest to be available to them soon enough.

Besides the Street Fighter armor, Monster Hunter World players have other crossover gear to look forward to in the future. This includes Aloy’s bow and armor from Horizon: Zero Dawn, which will be available as PS4 exclusive event quest from February 25 to March 3. At some point down the line, players on all platforms will also have the chance to unlock some Mega Man-inspired armor for their Palico companion as well.

With Monster Hunter World breaking sales records for Capcom, it’s possible that even more crossover events will be available in the future. Until then, PS4 gamers should jump at the opportunity to unlock Ryu’s gear in Monster Hunter World while they still have the chance read more.