Pokemon Movie Remake in the Works


Despite all of the drama and controversy in response to Pokemon: I Choose You last year, the franchise isn’t slowing down its return to the big screen. The feature length remake was fairly successful, despite some criticism from nostalgic fans, and it sounds like the franchise is all ready to roll out yet another remake.

Ever since Pokemon the Movie: 2018 was announced, there have been rumors that it would be another remake. The Pokemon Company hasn’t officially confirmed that theory, but there are a lot hints pointing to a Lugia-centric story, which sounds very familiar to Pokemon the Movie: 2000.

Early theories were sparked when the Japanese font for one of the film’s promotional materials very closely resembled the shape of Lugia’s head. The first teaser also featured Ash sporting the same hat he was wearing back in Pokemon the Movie: 2000. The latest poster goes one step further and definitely confirms that Lugia will be a focus of the film…

 In addition to the poster and the other small hints, there was also a girl holding a flute in the first poster for Pokemon the Movie: 2018. Fans of 2000 will remember that the instrument is also featured in that film.

If the theories are correct, then the movie will likely have to do with Ash calling on Lugia for help after the other three Legendary birds go to war with each other. Hopefully the first full trailer is released soon and some of these details can be confirmed. Until then, the community is sure to continue speculating and analyzing every detail of the promo materials read more.