TOP 5 Games Like Pokemon GO | 2018


Hey friends, today we are going to present you a list of Best Games like Pokemon Go or we can alternative to Pokemon Go. This might surprise you, but Pokemon go isn’t the only augmented-reality game out there.  The technology has been changed a lot in the past few years, especially with the advent of virtual reality. So, there are many apps available for the smartphone users to get a break from your daily life. But, these games haven’t received as much attention as the Pokemon Go.

Therefore, Here is the list of some fantastic games like Pokemon Go.Do you love to play shooting games? If yes, then Real Strike is the best option you should choose. It’s one of the most popular games like Pokemon go that you can play on your Android or iOS device. This AR-Based game converts your surrounding into a military base, and you have to kill the virtual enemies. Also, it provides you with the option to choose any weapon from the list of 62+ guns. In fact, Real Strike is the world’s first virtual reality first-person shooting game available on both the Android and iOS Platform.Ingress is another virtual reality game developed by the team behind Pokemon Go. Same as Pokemon Go, you have to visit the real places to complete missions in this game.

Furthermore, you have to meet with other players of this game and just form a team. But, as an individual player, you have to connect with the other players who have installed this game. When you meet them, both of you will share and claim portals available in this game. Now, as a team, you just have to connect all the portals to form a triangular. The team who covers the largest are to create a triangle win the game.

ARBasketball is one of the best games like Pokemon go in which players have to act as a basketball to compete with your rivals. So, To start playing this game, you just have to download it and then just put an AR marker available on its website. After that, Just place the AR marker and then scan it with your smartphone. Now, a free virtual hoop with come up on your screen. You just have to swipe the screen to put the ball in the hoop. Moreover, you can play this game with your friends. So, Just play this game, earn coins and then compare with other players Read More.