How You Can Use ON-Page and OFF Page Techniques


If you are willing to do digital marketing but you don’t anything about search engine optimization or SEO then this it’s the right time that you should know that what SEO is and how you can use SEO techniques and strategies to get good ROI in your business?

Well SEO is the most important part of digital marketing, SEO help website owner to get their website on higher rank and SEO also help to generate the traffic on your website. There are many companies in India who are providing Professional SEO services. If you are looking for SEO services in Noida then you can search on any search engine you will find many companies who are providing SEO services in Noida.

SEO is not much expensive this is the main reason that these days website owners do not hesitate to opt for SEO services. If you go in-depth of Search engine optimization you will see that it’s a wide concept. SEO is of two main types that are ON-Page SEO and OFF-Page SEO. By implementing these two techniques we can help website owners to make their website more visible on the internet.

ON-PAGE SEO:  On-Page SEO includes various things in it like page titles, Meta keywords, Meta descriptions for the website. SEO professionals use this technique on the web page of the Website. Every website has a URL and each website has different page titles, meta keywords, and meta descriptions. While doing SEO it must keep in mind that for every page the meta descriptions, meta keywords, and page title s should be unique, there should be no duplicate if it so Google will not crawl your page.

Off-Page SEO: OFF Page SEO help in creating back-links of your client website. There are many ways to which you can create backlinks. Off-page, the technique to promote the website without doing any changing in that this is the reason its called as OFF-Page SEO. Creating classified ads and article submission are included on the OFF Page. SEO professionals believe that in OFF page SEO creation hyperlink is very important because when we post classified or do any submission we provide the hyperlink of that URL of our company which redirects people to your website page.

Various OFF-Page Techniques

Article Submission: Posting different articles on relevant business sites is called article submission. IN this we should keep in mind that whichever article we post it should have unique content. the main motive to post the article is to use the hyperlinks which is redirect the reader to the website

Directory Submission: Directory submission is basically used to improve the link popularity of the website.

Blog Posting: In a blog posting, you can post content related to your business and in those blogs use the hyperlinks of your website, those hyperlinks redirect people on your website. These days people love to read the blog and if your blog will be interesting they will definitely click on the hyperlinks and it will generate the traffic on your website and also help your website in ranking.

Like these techniques there are other techniques also like image posting, blog commenting, PPT sharing which help SEO professionals to improve the ranking of their clients.