The original Titan Quest was released way back in 2006, and it became an instant classic in the action RPG community. The original game and the first expansion pack Immortal Throne eventually found their way onto Steam, where the game grew even more. This solidified Titan Quest’s place in the hall of memorable action RPGs.

Titan Quest was developed by a small Massachusetts studio called Iron Lore Entertainment. The game was published by THQ, which spelt a number of concerns. Following the closure of THQ back 2013, the fates of the games underneath its publishing label were left up in the air. Thankfully though, Nordic Games, which would eventually become THQ Nordic, stepped in to save the games, one of which was Titan Quest.

Which brings us back to today! Titan Quest has, seemingly out of nowhere, received an all new expansion pack! Titan Quest: Ragnarök features the heroes traveling to the uncharted lands of northern Europe. Players will get to traverse the realms of the Celts, the Northmen, and the Asgardian gods in the all-new fifth story act. An all new class – the Runemaster – has arrived as well. Master their magical abilities to fight with both sword and spell!

The level cap has gone up to 85, which means more masteries for your character to grow into. New armor sets, new weapons don’t mean anything if there aren’t new baddies to slay, and Ragnarök has us covered. Dark creatures inhabit the forests of Germany, and you may find yourself going toe-to-toe with the deities of Asgard itself! The game’s engine has also received some polish, as new graphical effects and shaders have been added.

An eleven year old game receiving a new update is something that always warms our hearts, so why not join in the fun? If you’ve never played the original Titan QuestTitan Quest Anniversary Edition (which combines the original game and the first expansion into one game) is currently 80% off on the Steam Store. Sitting a comfortable $3.99 USD, this welcoming price should be great for any action RPG fans! As always with new Steam releases, Ragnarök has a launch discount of 25% off, which brings it to $14.99 USD Read More.