The Red Solstice, a sci-fi real-time strategy game is free for a limited time from Humble Bundle. You can head on over to the game page here to get a free key that you can redeem on Steam.

Set in the distant future on Mars, The Red Solstice is a tactical, squad-based strategy game. Command a group of marines as you fight to take back Mars from martian horrors. With an extensive single-player campaign with a terrifying story and a co-op mode with up to eight players, The Red Solstice offers everything for anyone!

This may be an obscure reference but a typical level in The Red Solstice plays out like a custom campaign in Blizzard’s Warcraft III. If you’re familiar with the popular custom open RPG maps, you’ll know what to expect in The Red Solstice. You’ll issue orders and waypoints through a top-down view. Plan out your attacks accordingly and position your squad carefully lest you fall prey to the alien hordes.

Your squad consists of four marines that can be upgraded as they gain experience. Your marines will be able to specialize in certain techniques, like healing allies, deploying defensive auto-turrets, launching explosives, and more. Try out the single-player campaign, and when you’ve had your fill of the space terror story, grab some friends and take on one of the challenge missions! Work together or go down trying!

Just be quick though – these keys must be redeemed on Steam before the end of the month. Even if you have the game in your Humble Bundle library, the keys will expire at the end of January so redeem them as soon as possible Read More.