7 Best Shopping Apps of 2017


You want shopping and also don’t want to go out and miss episodes of your most favorite TV shows. Say thank you to your smartphone because now you can enjoy shopping at home. Hundreds of apps and online stores are available for shopping online. Here is a list of some popular shopping apps.

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ShopStyle (free; iOS, Android)

Every time you need new shoes or clothing or any wardrobe accessory, just go straight to ShopStyle. This app lets you do shopping of more than 18 million items for almost every brand available in the market. Just click the app, refine the store for your favorite items, filter it to new arrivals and that’s it. Your favorite items are at your doorstep. You can also set alerts and reminders on specific items to check when they are on sale WowYar.

Poshmark (free; iOS, Android)

This app is best if you want to sell your slightly used items and replace them with the new ones. This app gives you an opportunity to buy gently used clothing and other items on discounted price. Also if you want to replace your old-fashioned yet unused accessories with the latest and up-to-date items just download this app and there you go.

Amazon (free; iOS, Android)

Everybody on the internet is already familiar with this app and I’m sure many of you may have already used it many times. Amazon is an online store with millions of products available. Using this app user can have barcode scanning feature as well as you can have hundreds of reviews regarding any product you want to purchase.

Rent the Runway (free; iOS)

Rent the Runway is an app that gives the user an option to rent their dresses which they don’t like to wear anymore and make money as well. So, if you want to wear something formal and expensive for the party but you don’t have the budget to buy those costly clothes from the brand outlet, now you can have them by paying a rent which is a fraction of its original price. Hugh variety is available from formal evening gowns to cocktail party dresses and much more.

ASOS (free; iOS, Android)

ASOS is also a good shopping app able to come on this list because of some interesting and user-friendly features which you can never enjoy on other shopping platforms. You can apply many filters to sort out the items you want like brand, size, price, type, and color. This app comes with camera card scanner feature which helps the user to add a new credit card in just one click. You can have sale notifications and social media sharing option available as well.

Etsy (free; iOS, Android)

If you want gifts for your loved ones for the perfect Thanksgiving then Etsy is here for you. This app makes it to this list because of its extraordinary, handmade and unique gifts and giveaway items not to be seen on other online stores. You can communicate with the shop staff using chat option and even track your order as well using this app.


GILT (free; iOS, Android)

Millions of downloads of this app show that this is something worth mentioning. Everything you need for a luxury life at a discounted price is here. This app offers huge variety from clothing accessories to home decor, from trip tickets to beauty salon appointments. You can enjoy discounts and sale on some exclusive items using its app-only feature.