New Gameplay Today – PUBG’s New Miramar Map


A completely new map has become live on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, permitting players tackle 99 opponents in the Miramar desert. Dan Tack and i viewed Leo Vader do his darndest to return out on best in the pair of dwell matches. Did he generate a rooster meal for his hassle? Would you believe we’d inform you in this article if he did?

Check out the movie under to determine a number of the game’s new weapons (sawed-off shotguns!) and cars (VW van clone!) in action, established from the game’s all-new desert backdrop. Furthermore, we just take an intensive look at the killcam to determine what – if just about anything – went improper through Leo’s playthrough. Not that just about anything went completely wrong, not surprisingly.Let’s be honest, people: 2017 has actually been a rough 12 months. From politics to entire world activities to leisure news, watching 2017 unfold has long been a little bit like observing Recreation of Thrones – only just about every episode would be the Crimson Wedding, along with the scene has become heading on for 12 months as a substitute of a few gut-wrenching minutes. The more serious factors get, the more thankful I’m for movie game titles, which offer the occasional and much-needed respite from reality.

That is not to express that online video video games are unable to or should not address essential real-life troubles, like war, mental well being, and which alien you should sex up when you ended up captain in the U.S.S. Hornball. It’s just that each every now and then it really is good to put aside the grueling decisions of post-apocalyptic worlds and engage in something which is unabashedly enjoyment.

Many gamers have pointed to Tremendous Mario Odyssey as being the elephant-sized suppository of joy that 2017 wanted, like G.I.’s own Matt Miller, who recently made the situation for naming it game in the 12 months. Right after struggling to get pleasure from Zelda for your past number of weeks, Odyssey’s light-hearted romp gave the impression of just the ticket, so I triple-jumped proper in although undertaking my very best “Wahooooo!”

What greeted me in Odyssey, having said that, frankly stunned me. Certain, the mustachioed plumber seems as pudgy charming and oblivious carefree as at any time, but beneath the saccharine-sweet visuals lies essentially the most openly political video game of 2017 – otherwise at any time! I’m undecided why most video match journalists have glossed more than Odyssey’s outrageous political agenda (I’m guessing it truly is a conspiracy), but similar to the series’ former concealed messages, I’m dedicated to exposing the truth to my beloved readers. Therefore, I personally approved and performed an all-encompassing investigation to the several political messages that bombard gamers in Tremendous Mario Odyssey. Right here are my findings read more.