Best Data Recovery Software


The highest performers in our overview are EaseUS Knowledge Restoration Wizard, the Gold Award winner; Details Rescue PC4, the Silver Award winner; and Ontrack EasyRecovery, the Bronze Award winner. Here is additional on choosing data recovery software to satisfy your requirements, together with depth on how we arrived at our position of 10 products and solutions.

What is Facts Restoration & How Can It Help Me?

Losing vital computer data can be devastating to your business. Information loss occurs several ways, and it usually happens at unexpected times. The reasons for details loss are usually accidental, such as an employee who accidentally deletes important files. Sometimes, though, there are other factors that cause facts loss: an improperly disconnected hard drive, viruses or errors in disk reading.

Even when you delete files from a computer, they remain on the hard drive (in fact, knowledge remains on your hard drive until it’s overwritten with new information) and can be recovered using data recovery software.

The first line of defense against knowledge loss is regularly backing up facts to a separate drive. And while our best picks each have a high success rate for recovering lost files, it’s never guaranteed that any information recovery application can recover everything, which is why it’s important to invest in details backup or disk imaging computer software. Data recovery software should be a last resort in reclaiming lost information.

Our Verdict & Recommendations

The best three products inside our ratingEaseUS Details Restoration Wizard, Knowledge Rescue PC4 and Ontrack EasyRecovery – all tested high in the areas of recovery rates and ease of use. They also have several features that make info restoration quick and efficient, all with minimal downtime to businesses.

We chose EaseUS Info Recovery Wizard as our top rated pick not only for its superb recovery results and high Ease of Use score, but for its numerous help and support channels, for which it received a perfect score. EaseUS Knowledge Restoration has all the tools you’ll need to resolve your business’s knowledge recovery issues.

Details Rescue PC4 has a simple interface so you can perform data recovery with consistent results. Granted, the application is missing some features, but it offers a straightforward experience that retrieves lost files quickly and efficiently.

Ontrack Info Restoration has lots of handy features, including hard drive diagnostics and an eraser, making it a convenient suite of computer repair tools for a business’s IT manager. It lags behind our top rated two picks due to some inconsistent recovery results.

What We Tested, What We Found

There are different types of data recovery software. Some program focuses on different operating systems or recovering specific types of files. For this review, we focused solely on data recovery software for businesses, most of which is compatible with different server types and includes features useful to IT professionals.

This is far more about our testing of data recovery software:

We tested the
restoration capabilities of each product by having it scan and recover files from a hard drive multiple times. Our testing methodology considered the two most common reasons for data loss: deletion and formatting. We filled our test hard drive with common types of files in a variety of formats: documents, images, audio and video files.

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