HEDIS Reporting at Your Fingertips With SCORE+ Solutions

hedis reporting with score+ solutions

Tracking care and service dimensions across practice areas is vital to health plan management and service delivery. Aggregated HEDIS data is your tool to measure health plan effectiveness, and with SCORE+ you have access to almost real-time data through innovative business analytics and intelligence technologies. Your HEDIS SCORE+ gives you invaluable insight into your compliance metrics, and the data points needed to optimize health plans for HEDIS certification.

Aggregation for Multiple Data Types

Data complexity is a challenge faced by many modern healthcare organizations when effectively managing health plans, data collection, and reimbursements. Transform information chaos into efficient organization with aggregation tools tailored for multiple data types, with the ability to evaluate and contextualize over 700 built-in key performance indicators. Reporting and validation capabilities tackle clinical, claims, and supplemental data in a way that provides improved visibility, transparency, and data quality.

Compliance Management Your Way

With the BI-Clinical platform and SCORE+, you can drive automation and simplification in reporting and HEDIS submission requirements. With the ability to execute several monthly or even daily HEDIS compliance runs, these groundbreaking new technologies remove the complexity from compliance and data management. Real-time access means real-time improvements, letting you take the next step forward in effective health plan management.

Unique Features and Customization Found Nowhere Else

SCORE+ offers the ability to customize the tools you use to manage your HEDIS reporting. Smart features include a simple rules management interface with the power and flexibility needed to make SCORE+ work for you. Use the rules management module to test and run standard HEDIS measures definitions, or create your own custom measures. Use audit tools to refine and validate your measures for better information management. Use the existing pre-configured library of HEDIS measures as the base for your custom measures, or build them from scratch.


Clinical data collection modules put the power in your hands and let you gather data on the go with the power of mobile and robust remote chart retrieval functions capable of linking with partners. SCORE+ is capable of integrating with multiple systems and portals, including document management systems and provider portals. Additional features propel high-speed data collection, processing, and quality. Tehre’s no limit to the power SCORE+ can unpack, freeing your HEDIS data to become a powerful resource in health plan improvement.


NCQA Certified

SCORE+ seamlessly meets the National Committee for Quality Assurance’s certification requirements for HEDIS 2017. All validation tools and reports included in SCORE+ align with NCQA requirements and standards, including audit reporting and data collection. SCORE+ lets you stay on top of new HEDIS measures, with rules management allowing easy implementation within 60 days of NCQA release.

Discover Your HEDIS Solution

Integration with existing workflows is easy with SCORE+ technology and tools. Our qualified consultants work with your data, health plan, and business intelligence teams to customize SCORE+ to your needs. Make it work with your workflows and discover the power of integration with existing tools. Gain a competitive edge with real-time HEDIS reporting and compliance measures that let you adapt on the fly, target gaps in care, prevent costly errors, and strengthen member engagement.