Seen any of these before? You may have been targeted by Russian ads on Facebook


The House Intelligence Committee discharged on Wednesday a little specimen of the advertisements a Russian troll cultivate obtained on Facebook amid and after the U.S. presidential race. The advertisements discharged concentrated on disruptive issues like movement, religion and race, and some suggested particularly to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Facebook has said that it has discovered more than 3,000 advertisements connected to the Internet Research Agency, a St. Petersburg troll cultivate with connections to the Russian government, and that the promotions were seen by more than 11 million individuals in the vicinity of 2015 and 2017.

The House Intelligence Committee had been relied upon to discharge the greater part of the promotions, which Facebook has swung over to Congress and to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office, in any case put out just around two dozen on Wednesday. The board’s Democrats, who were in charge of the discharge, called the determination of advertisements that they made open a “delegate examining.” Rep. Adam Schiff, the best Democrat on the panel, said at the hearing that the board of trustees still hopes to discharge the greater part of the advertisements eventually.Also incorporated into the discharge was a report containing the greater part of the Twitter account handles that Twitter has recognized as being fixing to the Internet Research Agency.

The Internet Research Agency posted a large number of different bits of substance that were not transformed into advertisements. Facebook has said that the Internet Research Agency’s substance was served to upwards of 150 million individuals on its stages, including both Facebook and Instagram. It isn’t clear what number of those 150 million individuals really observed the substance, in any case.

A considerable lot of the promotions discharged Wednesday originated from Facebook pages whose Russian ties were already detailed by CNN, including “Blacktivist,” a page intended to seem as though it was controlled by dark American activists, and “Heart of Texas,” a page supporting the severance of Texas.

Beneath, a glance at a portion of the advertisements discharged Wednesday, and a portion of the key data about every promotion, including the amount they cost and what number of individuals may have seen them.

An appeal to expel Hillary Clinton from the tally

A Russian-run page entitled “Donald Trump America” called for “exclusion and expulsion of Hillary Clinton from the presidential tally” and ran an advertisement connecting to the White House’s crowdsourced request of site, on which there was an appeal to that guaranteed the “dynastic progression of the Clinton family in American governmental issues ruptures the center law based standards laid out by our Founding Fathers.”

The advertisement was focused at individuals who had communicated enthusiasm for Donald Trump or his child Donald Trump Jr. on Facebook and kept running for three days toward the begin of August 2016. It was appeared in Facebook clients’ nourishes right around 35,000 times and was tapped on 6,000 times. The promotion was paid for in Russian rubles, and cost about $240 in light of the present trade rate.”Join us since we give it a second thought”

The Internet Research Agency ran a few pages intended to appear as though they were a piece of the Black Lives Matter development.

One promotion urging Facebook clients to like one of those pages, “Dark Matters.” The advertisement highlighted pictures of African-American individuals shot by police, and contained the message, “Go along with us since we give it a second thought.”

As indicated by information discharged by the House Intelligence Committee, the troll bunch spent more than $2,500 in 2015 and 2016, paid in rubles, advancing this advertisement. It was focused to places around the U.S., including Ferguson, Missouri, where one of the general population highlighted in the promotion, Michael Brown, lived and kicked the bucket.

“Bolster Hillary. Spare American Muslims!” occasion

One advertisement advanced a “Bolster Hillary – Save American Muslims” occasion that was set for outside the White House on July 9, 2016.

That advertisement was focused at individuals who had communicated an enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton or the Muslim Brotherhood on Facebook and who lived in Washington, DC.

“Trump isn’t my President” occasion

On the morning after Election Day 2016, the Russian page “Dark Matters,” which was intended to resemble a dark dissident gathering, started advancing a “Trump isn’t my leader” occasion, to occur at New York City’s Union Square.

The promotion was focused at individuals living in New York, as indicated by the discharge from the House Intelligence Committee, which does not determine whether it implies New York State or New York City.

“Satan: If I win Clinton wins!”

On October nineteenth, 2016, an image seeming to demonstrate Satan and Jesus Christ arm wrestling was posted on the Russian page “Armed force of Jesus.” The post going with the picture read to some extent, “Hillary is a Satan.. Also, despite the fact that Donald Trump isn’t a holy person by any methods, he’s no less than a genuine man and he administers to this nation. My vote goes for him!”
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