Suzuki Lets Review, Test Ride


Suzuki India has a very good product on their hands – a new 110cc scooter that is a surprising amount of fun. So we decided to bring you the Suzuki Lets Review to help you know it better.

As an automotive journalist, I ride all kinds of two-wheelers – including big sports bikes, heavy highway cruisers, mid-range street fighters, and commuter bikes. I’ve never been a fussy rider, and the sheer joy of sitting on anything with two-wheels has always been a pleasure for me. There are some bikes that are better than others of course, and then there are some that leave a lasting impression. And I must say that the Suzuki Lets – which is a new 110cc Suzuki Lets scooter – left me in amazement. I can’t remember the last time I sat on a scooter and came away with a massive grin on my face, but the new Suzuki Lets was so much fun to ride that I couldn’t contain myself. If you don’t believe me, let me just tell you that, along with the Suzuki Lets, I also had the Suzuki V-Strom sitting in my driveway – but every time I had an errand to run, my wheels of choice was always the Suzuki Lets. Here is the comprehensive Suzuki Lets Review and I hope it helps you decide if this is the scooter for you.

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