Android Oreo vs Android Pie; The Much Sought Android Version


Android application development is a requisite for every organization, it gives better customer visibility and thus more business turnover. First introduced in 2008, it has seen a lot of progress. This work-progress has completely changed the look-n-feel, interface, and speed of the Android service.  With more and more demand of the android app development service, there is a requirement for efficient and productive android versions. The latest Android OS version introduced by Google is Android 9 Pie. The Operating System is a perfect return gift by Android to the customers and organization who want to bring better and secure android app development service for their customers.

Android 8.0 or 8.1 Oreo vs Android 9.0 Pie

Every new version has some update but as per the report still 99.9 percent Android phones still run on older versions than Pie. Android update surely takes a long time but the latest version is surely going to be a hit based on its number of updates.

What’s new in Android 9.0?

  1. Background app privacy
  2. New power efficiency tweaks
  3. Vertical on-screen volume toolbar
  4. Quick screenshot button by volume button
  5. Battery percentage meter on the bottom of the screen
  6. Digital Wellbeing

These are some of the updates in Android 9.0 and will definitely lure Android application development company to update into the latest Android OS. On the same front the business will also be profitable by developing the application viable for Android Pie, thus bring a customer friendly android app development service that is feasible for running in Android 9.0 soon.

Comparison: Android Pie vs Android Oreo

  • Redesigned Quick Setting Menu: With Android 9.0, the quick setting menu is changed completely, with more color, better look out and background icons. It can be seen that the color changes based on your background wallpaper image.
  • Smarter notification and quick reply: This feature was there since Android 7.0, but with Android 9.0 you can find better and smarter notification. Moreover, the “mark as read” and “reply” inside the notification bar is better than ever. It has given more visibility and usability of notification on the android app development services.
  • Volume Bar: Android 8.0 had a small box on the top of the screen to set the volume of system, notification or media. But with the Pie introduction, the change in volume will automatically change “media” volume not the notification or media volume. In addition, it also has a second box which has three modes – Ring, Vibrate and Mute which is compared to the mute slider on the iPhone or OnePlus devices.
  • Connected Media: Change the volume and there you will find a new side volume toolbar which shows the “media”; which show the latest devices which you were connected for media or audio. With Android 9.0 there is a facility that last 5 media devices will be shown but previously there was a provision for only 2 devices to be displayed.
  • Screenshot: Android 9 provide the screenshot option with power off or reboot option. Prior to that for the screenshot, you need to press a combination of keys. In addition, in Android 9 you can capture and make changes on the fly before saving or sharing them.
  • Easier Do-not-disturb: Now we have easier and well defined Do-not-disturb mode. This has much eased the night mode as the effective android app development services running on Android 9 stop all notifications when Do-not-disturb is ON.
  • Rotation icon: Now when the screen detects that content is rotating it automatically display a “rotation icon” on the bottom left of the screen. Click it instantly and to revert back you need to tap it again. But previously user has to completely search for it on the phone settings.

Conclusion: User privacy is an important concern nowadays, the data need to be secured. This privacy is ensured by Android 9.0, background app privacy feature, it brings Android app development service that automatically cut off access to the camera and microphone from an application running on the background. In addition, there are various other features that make it viable for android app development company to bring the latest app that supports Android 9. It is the latest addition that will definitely prove its worth in the Android platform.