Tips for SEO Content Creation


In case you are a producer, writer or editor, who has the responsibility for establishing the online identity of a brand, you thus assume membership of editorial SEO team. Thus, you are a creative person responsible for delivering a digital copy, which resonates with both robots and readers to catapult the brand ahead of the competition MARVEL Contest.

This team has a tough task ahead in the globally connected world of constantly changing search engine algorithms. As the top SEO company in India will suggest, here are a few important pointers to master SEO editorial basics:

Identify Target Audience

Know your target audience – this is the first step to dominate search engine results. It is your duty not just to create compelling copy, but you must also create good content that will be of value to your target audience.

Do research on likes, dislikes and issues concerning your target demographics, in order to create content that inspires, entertains or solves problems of the audience. Consider online resources to brainstorm trends and ideas which audience will consult and remember.For example, if you are targetting local audiences, you will need to inspect local SERPs through regional IP addresses .

What search terms are likely to be used by your audience? These are the words and phrases to make use in copy (content), headlines and sub-headlines.

After developing good content, publish it at a period of time where most of your audience can be targeted (lunchtime, time zones, etc.).

Go For Bold Headlines

Your headline is the signpost to your article-which captures and directs interest of online visitors. Be inspirational/ provocative/ concise- whatever you require to command attention in as few words as feasible, without compromising the overall message. Headlines are vital for organic search.

How long should they be? Stick mostly to 70 characters to ensure that they are not cut off from social media platforms or search engines. After zeroing into the best headline, you can custom make the URL using a short phrase or set of words. Take care to customize your permalink always before clicking on ‘publish’.

Lead With Focus

You may have created the most stunning headline. Keep up the momentum by making an equally amazing lead paragraph. The opening sentences of your content must provide readers with a compelling summary of your whole article. You will be rewarded by search engines if you answer the big W’s (when, what, where, why, who), with which you can hook your potential readers.

You may be tempted to use keywords in the opening paragraph. But both search engines and readers can sniff out stuffed keywords from very far. You must perfect the art of using keywords without appearing to overstuff the same.

Enhance Quality of Content

Success in editorial SEO needs top quality content from beginning to finish. Whatever you post, matters. Digital content is not just about words, but a successful post will also make best use of words and images. The content must be visually and intellectually compelling.

For this, make maximum use of multi-media, design short modules of content and do through proof-reading of content. It is also vital to update content and make full use of the mode of voice search which is growing to be popular.

These are some of the tips to stay on top in search engine rankings through great content creation.