The advent of new technologies have made a huge impact on our daily lives such as the internet and other networks that has improvised the business world and given the trading procedures in e-business more efficiently. This technological improvement has brought much faster means of controlling business transactions different from that of paper transactions done earlier. With the growth of globalization and modernization, it has become highly important and necessary for education community to know the transformation in technology to the best of their knowledge so as to respond to the different needs of students in today’s life. Technology fanatics have held the power of certain technology from the printing press to blackboards and to the laptop to transform education in several ways. With the meteoric growth and expansion of information communication technologies around the world has led forward to make productive use of modern technology to help advance the education status of the country who are in need of it. Over the years, technology has restructured our individual perspective towards the expansion. The arising technology has made a rigorous changes for the invention of many functional units and utility devices such as smart watch and the smartphone. With all of these revolutionary changes, technology has also made our lives easier, faster, better and more fun. Every individual who lives in the western world has undergone and experienced how technology has changed their life over the years. You might not feel the immense change because technology made a gradual transformation in our lives in its own way.

However, let’s focus on highlighting a variety of technology which has changed our lives and transformed it by making it easier.

  • Dunzo: It is an app that connects you with the nearest available delivery partner to pick up or deliver items for you. Currently available in Bengaluru, the Dunzo app is like a service which helps to create different tasks in their to-do list and gets the tasks in your to-do list done. It allows the user to create different tasks in their to-do list, track the progress of the tasks, chat with their team members about their tasks and includes a one-tap payment method. It lets users finish their tasks like going to the grocery store, making plans, and fixing something at home. Say you want to get your groceries from Reliance Fresh mart, you can create a list of items you want and send it via chat and it’ll be done by them. Tasks are partially divided and managed by AI and humans.   



  • GPS: Your imagination is the only constraint to the likelihood of global positioning system technologies. It is a modern technology which can play a vital role in our life because we can use this technology at multiple places. GPS provides a precise error-free location and maintenance of time which may be used for all kinds of things such as navigation on land, water or air. It is actually a constellation of 27 solar-powered satellites orbiting the earth (24 operational and 3 extras just in case one fails). GPS provides valuable data to users all around the world like three dimensional position, navigation services, and velocity and also time data, but today the GPS technology is a part of our daily lives. This system is most commonly used in mobile phones, vehicle tracking, map navigation, and etc.

     Application of the Global Positioning system generally fall into 5 parts:

  1. Location – determining a position. 
    2. Navigation – transporting from one location to another. 
    3. Tracking – monitoring object or personal movement.
    4. Mapping – creating maps of the world.
    5. Timing – maintaining accurate timing in the world.


  • URBANCLAP: UrbanClap is stated as one of the largest mobile service provider in India today which is one stop destination for local services. It’s a mobile marketplace for local services, easy access to reliable and affordable services. UrbanClap allows users to find verified, background checked and high quality professionals like a repair and maintenance, a wedding photographer, a yoga teacher, or an interior homecare designer. It is growing swiftly in respect to adding more number of services in their business which is same as that of what JUST DIAL or SULEKHA did to increase their profit level. So if Urban Clap is following the same activity process, then it will have similar quotation like Just Dial or Sulekha.


There are more ways in which technology has changed the way we live but it is important to learn and understand by making the right use of it. Technology brings a lot of ability and power that will continue to transform the way we lived like never before. There are clearly both pros and cons however, it shouldn’t cross the excessive limit. Extreme technological use can cause any type of problems, either socially or physically.