Technology has evolved drastically over the past few decades as we have witnessed many different technological inventions like the smart phone, the internet and even mobile apps that could help you perform almost all the tasks we encounter daily. A quick look up on Google Play Store and you will find more than 3.5 million apps readily available for download. Among these very many apps, a lot of them have the same functionalities and there are a bunch of them that are not really that great. At such, selecting the most appropriate ones to suit your needs might turn out to be quite a challenging task. However, we have helped you in this article to select some of the best apps you need to have in your android devices this year.  

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Nova Launcher: every phone needs an interface. Right?  Yeah. It is absolutely necessary as that is the only way you can connect with your phone. Nova launcher is easily one of the best launchers you can come across anywhere. With it’s lightweight and smooth interface, the launcher is very easy to use. It also allows you the opportunity to customize it to your personal taste.

Chrome Browser: what is a smart phone without a good browser?  Boring. A good browser on your phone exposes you to the unlimited fun world of internet and gives you easy access to sites like scr888 Thailand on the tip of your fingers. Chrome browser has over time proven to be one of the best browsers around and you definitely should have it on your phone.

WPS Office: The beauty of the WPS office is that it is an all in one app that contains the basic office tools which are necessary for your everyday office tasks such as Power Point, Excel, Microsoft Word, etc. with all these tools put together in one app for you, your office work is definitely going to be easier on your mobile phone.


In this article, we have listed some of the apps you should have in your android phone in 2018. However, you are advised not to limit yourself to the apps on this list as there are many other great apps out there you could also try out.