Get The Best Service In Virtual SMS Sending Service


Do you love to exploit the endless opportunities of SMS sending to boost up the business? Then it is a good idea to get an SMS software for solution exclusively for the purpose instead of depending on the service provided by the companies. It helps a lot to save a good amount of SMS sending cost at the same of time of providing the extra level comfort and convenience in sending the SMS. Now there are several reputed SMS companies in India to help you in providing the best gateways to send virtual SMS.

Virtual SMS service

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In simple words, virtual service in SMS means sending the messages to the targeted customer without using a telephone. Yes, they are made with the help of a software and the messages are sent online. This is so helpful for the business to reach their customers first before their competitors to bring them towards their stores. Now, virtual sms service is made so flexible and affordable by the best SMS sending software and solutions. This is the easiest and effective ways of inviting the customers to both online and offline stores to increase the business in a tremendous way.

Manage everything online

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Now you can reach thousands of customers within minutes by sending SMS sitting in the comfort of the room. Yes, just get SMS gateway from the reputed SMS service provider in the country and start sending the SMS. This excellent software solution works on the cloud platform and provides easy access to the contact saved on different platforms including Excel, Spreadsheet and more. You compose the message and get the list of contacts as per the requirement to send single and several messages on a single go.


This is the factor that made SMS sending the most preferred way of marketing by all type of business and service providers irrespective of their size. There is no need to spend a good amount of money as for other marketing types. Present companies provide excellent packages to select from varying on the volume and frequency of customers. You can send messages to thousands of customers at surprising rates that fall below the cost of a night stay in any of the hotels. Since the software works on the cloud platform and can be installed online, you are made free from any of the additional maintenance of installation charges.

The complete history of transactions

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The SMS solution provides a complete history of transactions including the message content, sent date and time, delivered date and time, list of undelivered numbers etc. This list helps you a lot in accessing the success of the solutions. List of undelivered numbers helps the business to reach the customers through any other means and to update the list with the new contact numbers to keep the contact list really effective.

Now enjoy virtual sms online from your SMS portal. There are reputed companies who are engaged in sending 200 million plus SMS every day. They can provide you with the best SMS gateway supported by powerful servers to enjoy instant SMS sending services without any delays.