Bitcoin Technology And Blockchain Certifications – All You Need To Know


As bitcoin technology became popular, there was a rise in demand for blockchain and cryptocurrency specialists who could maintain the blockchain for the dealings. This is where the need for a blockchain specialist was felt. And apart from a blockchain specialists, the industry insiders also felt the need for cryptocurrency specialists who could guide the other employees on basics about bitcoin technology.

Cryptocurrency Specialist And Bitcoin Technology

Before we learn about cryptocurrency specialist, let’s learn more about what is cryptocurrency and the related terms. So let’s understand what cryptocurrency is – Talking about the definition cryptocurrency is a digital currency that was designed to facilitate exchange of digital information.

Did you know that in 2009 the first cryptocurrency was created and termed as Bitcoin? In the present era there are various types of cryptocurrencies, which are called as Altcoins.

Cryptocurrency is also defined as an electricity converted into code lines that has some monetary value. A digital currency is another simple form of defining cryptocurrency.

Now that we know what is cryptocurrency, let’s find out what is cryptocurrency specialist and what is bitcoin technology.

So who is a cryptocurrency specialist?

A cryptocurrency specialist is an individual with an in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrency. He or she knows everything about the latest tools and practices in the field of cryptocurrency. Interested to become one? You need to garner required skills and qualifications followed by a certification in cryptocurrency.

How To Learn Blockchain Technology And Blockchain Certifications

Before you think of learning about blockchain technology let’s understand what is blockchain and then what is blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is an open digital ledger, which records and manages the transactions that are individually recorded as a block with details of a transaction, timestamp and a link to the previous block thus forming a long chain and thus earning a name blockchain. Because it is an open ledger it is safe from hackers and data theft.

So now you know about blockchain technology, let’s understand how blockchain certifications would help you  in your career. But before that you need to have some coding skills including the hard core coding skills and the other skills like the knowledge of Java, C++, Ethereum’s Solidity, along with the knowledge of Python.

In addition, you would also need to have an in-depth understanding of financial service, payment processing, credit services, and cryptocurrencies.  Once these skills have mastered then you would be ready to apply for blockchain certifications from institutes like Edureka, Coursera, CBC America, and Imarticus among others.

Some of the above-mentioned certification institutes also offer blockchain courses as well and are considered as one of the best certification institutes in the industry. So whichever certification you choose remember to do a complete research based on your needs and skills and apply.

  1. Coinsutra Certifications for Blockchain specialists/professionals
  2. Coursera Blockchain certifications
  3. CBCA or Central Blockchain Council of America Certifications for Blockchain professionals
  4. Udemy Certifications for Blockchain professionals.