At this stage, websites are the most important tool for any business. But if you are running an online business or want to gain profit online, you need to shine out over your competitors.

In this cut-throat competition, there is only one way to accomplish your goal and that is to improve your E-commerce website.

In this blog, we are going to discuss top 5 tips to improve traffic on your E-commerce website or business website, Have a look at the guidelines given below:

1. Figure out your business website Goals:

Before launching a website to the public first of all figure out your website goals. Never make a business website just for the sake of information.

Understand the scope of the online market and think about what your website need to showcase and convey to the mass that can be converted into your customers.

If you already figured it out then start making changes to your existing site and web design. Add or delete pages, do some restructuring, make a new landing page for your website along with the appropriate keywords.

2. Add your client’s testimonials:

If your website really hasn’t been able to capture the potential customers, it’s because you may haven’t exactly voiced your customer’s views on your products or services.

The online market is too smart and having customer’s testimonials will not only help capture the attention of new potential customers but it will also help show your products in a better way.

3. Use big, bold and high-quality images:

Always prefer big creative, bold and high-quality images that can help to get your customer’s attention & attraction on your products. This is the trend which is going on in 2018 to deliver bigger returns on the investment.

4. Use Website Analytics:

Website analytics will help you to know your customer base, where they come from, bounce rate your website gets every day. You can gather many interesting things with analytics tools so you should always prefer one for your business website to understand the market ratio.

5. Make Mobile friendly website:

Today, every person has a smartphone in their hand that they always use that more than of PC or laptop. Meanwhile, mobile browsing is at its height so your business must be having a mobile-friendly website for 50% traffic which comes through mobile devices.

Apart from it, Google gives an automatic boost to websites that are more responsive and mobile friendly and easy to open mobile devices.

Moreover, there are many trends to follow up on to improve an E-commerce website apart from above-mentioned points, you can get in touch with the experts or visit on jeewangarg.com to get more tips & ecommerce website service for business.