The waiting is finally over for those who were looking for a good activator for Windows 10 and Office 2018. It is quite difficult to find out an activator that actually works the way you want. This is the reason a good activator is near impossible to find. But in this post, we are giving you the best activator ever made. Enjoy the KMSPico and activate your Windows and Office application in a moment. Activation is now just a matter of click.

What is KMSPico Activator?

KMS tools is developed and offered by the Team DAZ, is one of the most popular and trusted activators for Microsoft Window and Microsoft Office. It can activate all the different versions and editions of Windows released after Windows XP and Office after 2007.

For Windows activator, KMS activator is a lightweight tool, very small in size but works at its best. As a frequently updated activator, it provides you a lifetime activation for both your Windows and Office.

Top Features of Windows 10 Activator

Here you have some features that you can get for these activator. So see details in below:

Supports All Windows:  The tool supports all versions and editions of Microsoft Windows from Windows Vista to Windows 10. It also supports both their 32-bit and 64-bit editions perfectly.

Supports All Office: It supports all the different versions and editions of Microsoft Office from 2007 to the latest.

Lifetime Genuine License: The application is one of the very rear activators to offer a license like the genuine one and provide a lifetime activation at the same time. Activate your Windows and office once and enjoy for a lifetime.

Clean and Safe: This activator is 100% clean and trustworthy. It does not cause any harm to the computer rather it is a great helper.

Completely Free: Most importantly, KMS comes for absolutely free!

Do I have to pay for it?

No, not at all. KMSPico is not a paid tool that requires a payment to purchase. It comes for absolutely free. Download it for free and enjoy it for free. All you have to do is download the KMS from our site and enjoy.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, of course it is a safe tool. It does not cause any harm to your computer rather it fixes all the troubles related to the activation. It is a very helpful tool for the Windows and Office users. You can use it without giving any second thought.

How to use KMSPico?

  • Download the KMSPico from here.
  • Extract the folder and run KMSPico.exe
  • Wait for the red button to appear on the interface.
  • Click on the red button and done!
  • Enjoy!

Note: Some antivirus and windows defender try to block KMS tools. So make sure you temporarily turn off your antivirus and windows defender as well as. If Windows SmartScreen blocks it, click on “more info” and choose “run it anyway”. In window 10, turn off the “Real time protection” temporarily.

Although there are different activators available on the Internet but choosing the best one is difficult. Some of them actually works and the rest are just crap. But KMS activator is the one that works perfectly with any version of Windows and Office. Most importantly, it provides a lifetime activation and does not even ask for any price. Enjoy the KMSPico and activate your Windows and Office for free.


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