Why PHP is Most Used For Back-end Web Development


Now the IT industry is going to be fast and in every field of life every part of life, IT industry becomes having a compulsory part. In the IT industry, the most famous activities are web designing, web development, Apps, and software. Web Development in Pakistan is one of the very common and famous professions and activity at this time. Web development is very common but not a child’s play, its a full of logic and techniques. There are many web programming languages, but I love to use PHP to my passion. PHP is a fully dynamic language at this age, why PHP is most common and every 5th of the developer love to use it, let’s discuss.
1) Most of the students and non-technical persons can learn PHP, it’s too easy and simple to learn.
2) PHP having multiple layers of security, it is viewed as a vulnerability on web pages & websites.
3) It supports many of database because it is an open source and is being used with the leading databases in all over the world.
4) Its totally open and free source and if we talk about the speed and variation it is good as compare to others.
5) There are many communities, cross-application platforms, and extensions for PHP, so it makes easier the programming and coding.