Pokemon GO: How Weather Affects Each Raid Boss


Pokemon GO’s new weather system has offered players a chance to catch some extra powerful monsters if they manage to hunt them down during one of their corresponding weather patterns. That’s a nice little bonus when it comes to average Pokemon out in the wild, but it is much more exciting when in the context of a Pokemon GO Battle Raid.

Battle Raids offer groups of players a chance to face off against special Pokemon and then, if defeated, players have a chance to catch those bosses. If players manage to take down a Battle Raid boss while a certain weather bonus is active, this can lead to some extremely powerful catches.

It’s a little hard to keep track of which weather pattern applies to each different boss and what the CP range is for each of those scenarios, but luckily some number crunchers managed to post every possible Battle Raid bonus scenario on imgur.

The guide is a ton of help for the min-max players who are determined to have enormous 90+% IV Pokemon to take into battles. Even if you aren’t obsessed with the stats yourself, the idea of catching a 2844 Mewtwo has got to be pretty tempting, right?

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Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices Read More.